Olympic marketing lively August Home Furnishing circle Rio Olympic Games have ended, China athletes in the arena to fight, wanton sweating scenes, but also the national anthem sounded, visible before the eyes, the pieces of heavy medals, all show the spirit of the Olympic Games China. During the Olympic Games and by the Olympic Games, many home enterprises played the Olympic marketing card. What are their creative ideas? How do they integrate the Olympic Games with the product? Advance force type to seize the initiative started the Olympic marketing war thought one step faster than others to achieve a breakthrough performance, especially in the global event during the Olympic Games, will be leveraging the marketing of most enterprises, in order to advance to seize the market flow, many enterprises before the Olympic Games has not yet started, the implementation of marketing plans. For example, in July of this year, Optima began to heavily sponsored Shenzhen satellite TV, "speed forward 3", "to pay tribute to the Olympic champion". Paint big coffee brands Carpoly in July 28th also started the Olympic marketing war, to join the Zhejiang TV channel custom Qianjiang City "2016 Olympic countdown" target and the gold medal ranking exclusive advertising time. Champion 80, 90 young type to help attract groups facing fierce competition, companies are still trying to Home Furnishing Bo host, which is the most popular star power storage directly to the most efficient means. The Olympic Games more than previous months, the Olympic champion came to Home Furnishing business scene. In the lens of Sanitary Safety Month activities in the Olympic table tennis champion Wang Liqin Ma Lin has arrived at the scene, "platform", and even play the interaction with consumers. Aupu is to join the four Olympic champion Zhang Juanjuan, Tao Luna, and,, Aupu to show the quality of gold. TATA wooden lock diving world champion Tian Liang as mute Ambassador wooden door, TATA door for the Shenyang flagship store, a member of the mute upgrade upgrade platform. At the same Tian Liang to help out marketing activities as well as Aris, in early August, the 21 anniversary of the establishment of Aris officially launched in the country "love love you more, the most beautiful family for big lie, selected the 21 most beautiful family, donated $4980 worth of mattress, and invited Tian Liang and his wife Ye Yiqian," the most beautiful family help for "big lie," unveiled for love cohabitation Festival scene. Slogan type power Chinese Olympic athletes during the Olympic Games, Home Furnishing enterprises the most direct and economical way of publicity, is associated with the Olympic Games slogan. Of course, the slogan is the most common type of propaganda propaganda home enterprises. Home Furnishing enterprise with the slogan for the Olympic athletes cheering, such as China ceramic headquarters called out "four years of sword, try front in Rio, refueling" for the China team; gold kitchen shouted "Rio Olympic Games, Olympic athletes refueling China! Faster higher stronger "; the bullock America shouted" for Chinese Olympic athletes cheering "; Huamei Li home Square shouting" 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, cheer for the Olympic Games, Olympic athletes cheering for Chinese!" Etc.. Product integration will be combined with the Olympic Games, in addition to a good slogan, home companies also focus on the combination of products and the Olympic Games, not only linked with the Olympic Games, but also to give new vitality products. Del floor and)相关的主题文章: