"Old nine door" clearance Baiqiao copy toast is the strength of the hostess – Entertainment TV drama "Sohu" old nine door is hit, open to the wounded to escape from the white Buddha Qiao Zhai finished last week a copy of customs clearance. One of the most important copies of "NPC" in Chan with stunning on-line immediately lead users attention, be praised, not only full of energy, spirit is powder absorbing countless beauty. With Joe Chan, white walled toast glamorous, as a tribal leader she not only burdened a guardian of people, at the same time as the heavy grief child death revenge makes her more stoic. With Zen as white walled Joe toast, followed by a moment behind the hand, as important, mind is also more sensitive and delicate, unfortunately by people against dangers, was injured in February red rescue, putting the wounded in Baiqiao walled two met again, with Zen on putting conversation knowledge appreciate the help of grace, gratitude, dark feelings. In the play with the big toast when Chan is actor Peng Xiaoran, graduated from the Communication University of China broadcasting system, Chinese mainland hostess, actor. Iqiyi made the program "Iqiyi" popular host of the early flight. Representative works are "incredible summer" in the "search dependency" Li Zihan. In 2015 the eighth session of the "variety" festival annual potential host. As the strength of the hostess, Peng Xiaoran quite audience edge, she presided over the various stalls program regardless of popularity and reputation are very impressive. She starred in the "old nine door", it also let fans a stunning. The play, her style sometimes bright full of local characteristics, sometimes very elegant tranquil, Peng Xiaoran conceived the dignified atmosphere, beautiful Zen forbear clever stunning interpretation. Peng Xiaoran has its own distinctive style and high popularity, in acting, Peng Xiaoran through the network performance of the play to show plasticity that she has, outstanding acting let Peng Xiaoran left a deep imprint in the minds of the audience, and thus gain a lot of people and recognized, fans affectionately call her "the small ran jun".相关的主题文章: