Nobel laureate Alexei Jerzy Vee talk about the "secondary" time: write the whole cycle – Sohu culture channel Alexeyevich perennial doing listener, but in China these days, she had to say more. (CFP) who knows what will happen next? Such a struggle, tragedy, everywhere around us. Of course, you don’t have to think how strong I am, it’s hard to see what I hear, but I can’t let it go as if nothing had happened. So I watched it all too fine. Alexeyevich ordered a cup of green tea. Water Tim was pretty full, she put the tea strainer from the glass to get out, not sure where to put it, put it back, hot water from the cup overflowed flow to the table. She was a little nervous and embarrassed. It’s hard to relate her to the Nobel prize winner. After Alexeyevich won the Nobel Prize — the first visit China, her version of a recent book "secondary" in time press arrangement, in a series of awards, seminar at the Shanghai book fair and the Beijing International Book fair. When interviewed by the Southern Weekend reporter, the trip is coming to an end, she seems a little tired. "I really like listening," she said at a meeting of Peking University readers. But this time I have to say more, so I have been very tired." Nearly forty years of career, the Belarus writer Svetlana? Alexeyevich is a good listener. She pulled out the person in the heart of every hue memory, often unhappy, sad, sad. "Second hand" is a book full of sadness. Interview in the book spans from 1991 to 2012. The Soviet Union disappeared, many people can not accept. 87 year old Vasily, who committed suicide, but returned to the rescue, "was originally on the train to the socialist, people suddenly transferred to another train bound for capitalism," said Petrovich. We laugh at the Soviet Union molecule is saddo, little, so they laugh at me." The old party in 1922 to join the party said, "my time is over than my early life. Should I age and their total survival." There are several stories about suicide. She went to the hospital to interview a Dutch act attempted restaurant waitress, one year after the women’s and Dutch act, this success. A young policewoman went to war in Chechnya to carry out the mission, came back to the body, the official conclusion is suicide, the mother is difficult to accept. Country disintegrated, followed by ethnic and religious conflicts on the fringes of the individuals involved, the tragic fate seems endless. One after another, Alexeyevich listened, recorded, arranged and assembled, and made a book from the three thousand or four thousand pages. It seems to be a long time to be immersed in such negative information, but it seems to me that I need some kind of extraordinary ability." "What a beautiful landmine" Southern Weekend: interview in the second hand from 1991 to 2012. Years, repeatedly listen to those complaints, nagging, talk, most.相关的主题文章: