Niu Junfeng won the "little meat old drama of bone idol drama seamless switching Tencent entertainment news drama version of" smile "very little is hit, in addition to actress Yang Yang Zheng Shuang, provoking licking screen, Niu Junfeng as the" foolish old man "in Banshan with handsome, adorable funny than the strange set off the brain circuits Huan circle the powder of countless, fresh and natural performances brighten, acclaimed. In fact, 90 small fresh beef cattle Chun Feng is a former child actor, at the age of 10 because of filming the line he already has 14 years of drama, age plus acting really good can be praised as the "little meat old play bone". From "you are my brother" the young Ma Xuejun "war to the rich men’s sons Changsha" bathing war Hu Xiangjiang (Xiaoman), growing to eleven people "blood" cyclone "Captain Wang Jingke, from the" seemingly rebellious truly one halfway son home, to take the wrong car "column" in the gentle gentleman, full of wit musician Shi Junmai…… Niu Junfeng freely walk in between in drama, drama of the war, inspirational Youth Drama and modern family drama, changing the image shaping ability class, and Zhang Jiayi, Ren Chengwei and Guoli Zhang play bone drama no stage fright. From the guest "families with children" money you go today, cattle Junfeng one step solid acting, drama, idol drama between seamless without pressure switch with a role to give the audience a surprise. But now the "smile" very little, cattle Junfeng once again shine with the trend, the posture of joining another blockbuster "secret" IP Chu Joe "," small fresh old play bone "name is not empty.相关的主题文章: