National Day in Ningxia during the inspection carried out – Ningxia Channel – October 1st to 5, the coal mine production safety, safety supervision, supervision of coal, the autonomous region development and reform, land and other departments composed of 3 inspection groups, in-depth all the region’s coal mine production safety inspection. The inspection group focus on examination of the existence of illegal production of coal mining enterprises, whether to crack down on fake, fake, fake data rectification closed, fake drawings, false reports and super capacity, the number of super, super strength, super layer cross-border, extended production license is "five super five" behavior, and earnestly implement the "coal mine safety regulations" etc.. Each to a coal mine, the inspection team seriously convey the State Council and the regional party committee and government leaders of Ningxia Lin coal company "9? The spirit of the 27" coal mine gas explosion accident instructions, repeatedly asked the companies to cling to the mining layout, ventilation system, gas drainage, safety monitoring, on-site management of five key links, on the work of production safety, to prevent coal mine accidents happen again. At the same time, Safety Supervision Bureau of the autonomous region has also deployed around the region to carry out the National Day during the security risk investigation activities, focus on examination of the safety work of coal mine, road traffic, high-risk industries and crowded places and other key areas of major risk management supervision and implement step by step listing announcement system, and actively eliminate safety hazards in key areas. To prevent all kinds of accidents, ensure the stability of the region’s production safety situation National Day period. (reporter Wu Honglin) (  commissioning editor: tolerance, Ma sweet)相关的主题文章: