Ningbo park girl statue was painted white marble statue legs tattoo material (Figure) tree park is graffiti girl statue netizen "quiet month Lake" for tree park was graffiti girl statue netizen "quiet month Lake" for many people in Ningbo know, big bridge of Jiangbei Yongjiang pagoda Park, there is a row of Western sculpture, two male and three female human statues add a lot of exotic to the park. A few days ago, some users reflect, said his passing tree Jiangbei Park, found two seat girl human statues by graffiti scene of destruction, not fit to be seen. Reporter trainee reporter Tao Ni indignant netizens Park white girl statue was painted on the legs of users "quiet month online made lake" scene pictures, really makes people feel awkward: a girl blush the statue being forced to wear underwear, waist position also appeared in the "tattoo"; the other is a statue painted black lipstick, the "long" a long and thick legs, waist and thighs also painted some irregular patterns. Quiet lake, said that for such bad behavior, hoping to severely punish. While several netizens agree, can not tolerate such damage to the image of the city civilization of Ningbo. The statue bother anyone with a cleaning solution repeatedly scrub, stains are still unable to completely remove the day before yesterday at 1 pm, reporters came to the Jiangbei Park tree. Unlike the photos taken by netizens, the graffiti on the sculpture looks like it has been dealt with, only a faint imprint. Reporters noted that the sculpture on the side of the ground with a bottle of blue green liquid used, as well as some steel balls, cleaning cloth, such as cleaning tools. At this time, a fifty or sixty year old teacher Fu bucket, moved to the sculpture location. He put the bucket aside, picked up the blue green liquid, and poured it on the cloth. The teacher surnamed Yin, while he was cleaning, pointing to the cleaning position, said: "you see, the word is out, but the washed place will be white, not the same as with the next color, no way." Yin master seems very helpless. Master Yin said, he is Ningbo Yong Zheng garden construction company employees, currently in charge of the park landscape tree. A few days ago, before the typhoon affected Ningbo, they have just cleaned up these sculptures, the overall appearance is relatively clean. Typhoon crossing, when seeing the statue again, really surprised. "The most obvious is the middle of this woman, her eyes are black, face, body, and legs are painted out of order." Yin master shook his head, and that person is still used in carbon black marker pen, I have washed several times, many places still can not rub off." Then, master Yin laborious step on the base of the statue, on tiptoe, repeatedly wiping girl statue right face. He will wipe every moment, put his hand to the side of the wash bucket. Under the inquiry that Yin master blue cleaning liquid is the main component of oxalic acid. "This detergent is corrosive. It burns very well." Reporters saw, Yin master did not wear gloves and other protective equipment, his right hand has been suffused with red. Statue wood.相关的主题文章: