Ningbo district industry authority issued to the owners of 1 thousand yuan per household gift card in the supermarket before the national day, Ningbo Jiangdong District Baizhang Street Community Yanwu seascape Garden residential owners received a "National Day gift": 1000 yuan per household supermarket shopping card. It was sent to the Internet industry, the "nouveau riche" acts, not only to the owners of small full of joy, is to allow users to envy, "this is the ‘other people in the industry."." "National Day gift" issued to the owners of the small business committee. Why the industry committee to give the owners a red envelope? Where did the money come from? Yesterday morning, the director of the sea garden industry committee old Qiu shared their experience. "People in the industry district last year income 700 thousand yuan industry authority to all owners of red envelopes Seaview Garden industry authority notice in writing:" Dear owners: Thank you for your support and recognition of the work of the Committee owners in recent years. On the occasion of the great motherland National Day is coming, the owners of the committee decided to use the owners of public income (advertising, business premises and warehouse, rights and other parts) issued the National Day gift to all owners, 1000 yuan per household. Finally I wish you a happy National day." On the weekend, witnessed in Yanwu neighborhood communities, Seaview Garden Industry Authority in the area near the door pull up banners issued "National Day gift". Owners with real estate license. On the two day of the weekend, a total of 128 owners have received. However, the reporter learned that, in addition to all the owners of the District, residential property staff also have a red envelope, 200 yuan per person. Jiangdong seascape garden was delivered in 2007. District is located in Jiangdong Road, west of the Fenghua River, caught in the middle of the bridge and the bridge spirit, the geographical position is superior. The entire area is only 3 high-rise residential buildings, a total of 198 owners, property costs are $5 square meters. Early 2010, the establishment of small industry committee. The old Qiudang was the first director of the industry committee, has been elected to now. This year, 69 year old Qiu has many years of experience in the real estate industry, has served as director of the overseas Chinese town area for the past 4 years. What is the account of the story behind someone else’s house? The industry committee of the district public revenue every expenditure are well aware of "red envelopes with money from the district public revenue last year, the district public revenue 700 thousand yuan." Where did the money come from? Old Qiu a sum to reporters out: 1, small shops rent to the beauty salon, a 250 thousand annual income; 2, shops rent to a travel agency, an annual income of more than 40 thousand; 3, the corner of the basement, built 80 warehouses in the premise of not affecting the fire safety, rent for residential property owners place miscellaneous items, an annual income of about 150 thousand; 4, 150 thousand public maintenance fund balances; 5, advertising light boxes and underground parking ground electronic screen advertising revenue, about 100 thousand a year; 6, communication base station room rental, 10 thousand a year. Do not need to turn the books, old Qiu are well aware of every income expenditure. Lao Qiu said, they wanted to do one hundred feast, but considering the food safety problems of it, finally by the owners of the committee unanimously decided that the red envelopes. "Owners committee said that this year in the annual balances increased, so that the owners can not always eat" wouldn’t do ", but also to let the owners happy, strengthen the industry committee.相关的主题文章: