Ningbo in 2016 the first campus recruitment companies recruit talented students love Ningbo University of Technology recruitment site map. Duan Qionglei photo of a new round of college campus recruitment began again, and college students employment has always been a concern. In addition to performance, internship experience, but also what? Let’s read the Ningbo University of Technology senior students have surprised, singing and won, hosted the party into her job "advantage", after the human resources staff said her business, because they need to recruit students who pay more attention to the development of talent. The morning of November 19th, the "flying recruitment employment service month first comprehensive dream" will be held in 2016 in Ningbo City Fenghua Ningbo University of Technology campus, the recruitment of participants of more than 350 enterprises, providing more than 1 thousand and 200 jobs, received 18500 copies of your resume, on-site job seekers to 2017 graduates, employment reached a preliminary intention is about 500. The working efficiency of the enterprise to see people people who love life is not low and reporters went to the graduates of this recruitment, it is found that the reporter in the recruitment, rich amateur life, those students, very welcomed by enterprises. Are students who is Ningbo Xiang Xin Home Furnishing Products Import & Export Co. Ltd., mainly to do the business Home Furnishing goods exports, is recruiting foreign trade salesman, crafts designers, financial assistant, assistant chief of personnel positions. The recruitment will start at 9 in the morning, at 10:30, Xiang Xin, responsible for the recruitment of staff, Ms. Shen has received 25 copies of your resume, she replied, at first, about half of the students should be given the opportunity to interview again. If you have a resume or conversation, found that the job seekers have a literary or sports expertise, etc., to get the chance to enter the trial will be greater." Ms. Shen smiled and introduced. Shen explained further, and now do not need to die reading school, university students involved in activities, the character will be more outgoing, but also focus on the coordination of work and life, work efficiency is not low. Coincidentally, the reporter on the scene and the two enterprises responsible for the recruitment of staff chatted, they also value the specialty of the students. "In the most basic ‘waiter’ position as an example, if it is participated in many singing competitions such as football or college students in the University, first of all that he and people communication skills are not bad, initially meets the needs of the post." Career planning is more attractive than the salary and other conditions of the board is also very important to the recruitment of more than and 300 enterprises, the college students are how to choose it? Reporters followed the logistics professional Jiang students walk in a circle, she threw 5 resumes, favorite is located in Beilun Zhejiang kaiyao lighting Limited by Share Ltd logistics reserve position. Because in the advertisement, the enterprise will be stated for each student to tailor a one-year "Eagles training plan", also designated special master. "The logistics of the theoretical knowledge of the school have been taught, but the actual operation, in fact, the heart is still not the end, if the entry into practice or trial, by an old staff;相关的主题文章: