NDRC: thorough investigation of illegal set two scenic garden park tickets – Finance – people.com.cn original title: development and Reform Commission: thorough investigation of illegal set two scenic garden park tickets and other acts according to the NDRC website news, recently, the NDRC issued a notice, the deployment of the competent price departments at all levels in 2016 to strengthen the supervision of market prices during the national day, mid autumn festival. Notice clear, focused on investigating illegal Scenic Garden Park, set ticket price gouging behavior. According to the NDRC, during the mid autumn day, mass tourism travel, shopping intensive characteristics, notification requirements around the strengthening of tourism, transportation, retail and other areas of supervision, focus on the following nine categories: first, the operator behavior does not perform the price level stipulated by the government or the floating range, without additional fees, through illegal settings "Parks" tickets and other forms of disguised raise ticket prices, not according to the provisions of the implementation of price tag and other acts; two, hotels and other tourism service enterprises by the name of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) "false price information, price gouging, disrupting the order of the market price behavior; three, catering, tourism and the surrounding area within the crowd gathered relative dining area special snack street, and is located in the" dianping.com "restaurant review site top restaurants, scenic area And the surrounding tourism specialty store price tag is not executed the relevant provisions of the act; four, travel and tourism service website of original fiction, false preferential discounts, the price does not fulfill commitment to price fraud; five, highway, railway, civil aviation, transportation and other transportation industries over the government pricing, the price charged without price, misleading price such behavior; six, the highway toll does not perform major holidays toll free minibus policy behavior; seven, car rental, car rental companies do not enforce the price tag and other relevant provisions; eight, the highway rescue service company, the relatively closed area of goods and services price violations in airports, train stations, motorway service areas etc.; nine, online and offline retail enterprises and e-commerce level In the process of discount promotion, fictitious price, false preferential discount, fuzzy gift sale, misleading bid price, nonperformance of price commitment and other price fraud behaviors are found. The circular stressed that the country should further improve supervision of emergency plans during the festival and working mechanism, attaches great importance to the disaster weather and holidays formed the market price regulatory pressure, increase the frequency of monitoring and supervision of supermarkets, farmers market and people’s daily consumption is closely related to the site, pay close attention to consumption increased sharply during the holiday season of grain, meat poultry eggs, vegetables, milk and cakes such as food market and price dynamics, once found the market price fluctuation tendency, signs of problems, timely take effective measures to resolve, to ensure that the two sections of the market price supervision work to achieve solid results. (commissioning editor Jia Xingpeng and Xia Xiaolun)

发改委:严查两节景区违规设“园中园”门票等行为–财经–人民网 原标题:发改委:严查两节景区违规设“园中园”门票等行为   据发改委网站消息,近日,发改委发出通知,部署各级价格主管部门加强2016年中秋、国庆期间市场价格监管。通知明确,重点查处景区违规设置“园中园”门票、哄抬价格等行为。   发改委要求,针对中秋国庆期间群众旅游、出行、购物活动密集的特点,通知要求各地加强对旅游、交通、零售等领域的监管,重点查处以下九类行为:   一、景区经营者不执行政府规定的价格水平或浮动幅度,擅自增设收费项目,通过违规设置“园中园”门票等形式变相提高门票价格,不按规定实行明码标价等行为;   二、酒店等旅游服务企业借“营改增”等名义捏造涨价信息、哄抬价格、扰乱市场价格秩序的行为;   三、景区内及周边餐饮、旅游人群相对聚集的餐饮区、特色小吃街以及位于“大众点评网”等餐饮点评网站前列的餐馆,景区内及周边旅游特产商店不执行明码标价相关规定的行为;   四、旅行社及旅游服务网站虚构原价、虚假优惠折价、不履行价格承诺等价格欺诈行为;   五、公路、铁路、民航、水运等交通运输行业超过政府定价擅自涨价、价外收费、误导性标价等行为;   六、高速公路收费不执行重大节假日免收小型客车通行费政策的行为;   七、出租汽车、租车服务公司不执行明码标价相关规定等行为;   八、高速公路施救服务公司,机场、火车站、高速公路服务区等相对封闭区域内商品及服务价格违法违规行为;   九、线上线下商品零售企业以及电子商务平台在打折促销过程中虚构原价、虚假优惠折价、模糊赠售、误导性标价、不履行价格承诺等价格欺诈行为。   通知强调,各地要进一步健全节日期间应急监管预案和工作机制,高度重视灾害天气与节假日叠加形成的市场价格监管压力,加大对商超、农贸市场等与群众日常消费密切相关场所的监测频次和监管力度,密切关注节日期间消费量大幅增加的粮油、肉、禽、蛋、菜、奶及月饼等食品市场和价格动态,一旦发现市场价格波动的倾向性、苗头性问题,及时采取措施有效化解,确保两节市场价格监管工作取得扎实成效。 (责编:贾兴鹏、夏晓伦)相关的主题文章: