National Day is approaching the ticket prices soared in September 29th for the watershed from the national day there is a period of time, but many people in Taizhou have started to develop the National Day travel plans, busy booking tickets and hotels. Recently, the reporter from the airlines and a number of ticket booking platform was informed that as the end of summer and the students back to school rush, ticket prices have dropped, especially in the Mid Autumn Festival before and after the emergence of many special offer tickets, called cabbage price. However, during the national day, prices will rise again in October 1st before reaching the highest. During the Mid Autumn Festival tickets are relatively cheap, discount efforts are also great." Jiaojiang Blue Sky Aviation Business Department staff told reporters, in Hangzhou to Xi’an as an example, the Mid Autumn Festival on the day of the ticket price is 380 yuan (below the price excluding taxes and fees), equivalent to hit 70 percent off, but in September 30th rose thousand dollars, the price is usually 3 times. For the national day to choose the aircraft to travel people, inevitably will encounter the National Day golden week before and after the rise of the ticket. Taizhou Blue Sky Aviation Business Manager Nie Liangtong said, in accordance with the annual practice, approaching national day, ticket prices will rise. "This year’s ticket prices in September 29th as a watershed, the day before the normal price, to September 30th rose to the highest price, so the public to buy tickets in September 28th is the most cost-effective." Nie Liangtong said, according to the experience of previous years, October 2nd to 4, ticket prices will fall short, but by October 5th to 7, the return fare will reach a peak. However, different airlines will have different prices in different time periods, the public can choose to compare the multi. It is understood that the business routes and tourist routes during the national day ticket prices will also be affected by different. Taizhou to Guangzhou, for example, the original price of 1160 yuan ticket, but in October 1st the price hit the day of, as long as $320, while in the first half of the month will be more than 1000 yuan. In this regard, Nie Liangtong explained that during the National Day is the peak of tourism, travel to the city’s ticket prices will rise, in contrast, the price of commercial routes will decline.相关的主题文章: