National Day holiday, Shanxi tourism quality supervision institutions promptly accept complaints effectively 31 Shanxi daily news (reporter Yue Jinfeng) as of October 7th 16, during the National Day holiday, the province at all levels of Tourism Quality Supervision and law enforcement agencies to accept valid complaints 31, an increase of 6, growth of 24%. Among them, travel complaints 7, accounting for 24% of the total number of complaints; complaints area 21, accounting for 69% of the total number of complaints; complaints Hotel 2, accounting for 7% of the total number of complaints. At present, only 1 is the follow-up survey, the complaints have been closed. In order to ensure the stable and orderly tourism market, tourism quality supervision and law enforcement agencies at all levels in the province attaches great importance to the early deployment, careful response. During the festival, tourism complaints on duty 24 hours work in order to ensure the effective operation of complaints in the first time of acceptance, transfer office, supervision and treatment of tourists, and timely answers to tourist consultation, greatly facilitate the travel of tourists in shanxi. The Provincial Tourism Quality Supervision and management summary of classification, the complaint tour in Taiyuan 2, Datong 1, Changzhi 2, Jincheng 1; complaints occurred in Taiyuan in 3, Datong 5, Xinzhou 2, Yangquan 1, Jinzhong 2, Changzhi 9, Jincheng 6. Linfen 2, Yuncheng 1.

国庆假期 山西旅游质监机构及时受理有效投诉31件   山西日报讯(记者 岳晋峰)截至10月7日16时,国庆长假期间全省各级旅游质监执法机构受理有效投诉举报31件,同比增加6件,增长24%。其中,投诉旅行社7件,占投诉总数24%;投诉景区21件,占投诉总数69%;投诉宾馆饭店2件,占投诉总数7%。目前,仅1件正在后续调查中,其余投诉已全部结案。   为确保旅游市场稳定有序,全省各级旅游质监执法机构高度重视、及早部署、周密应对。节日期间,旅游投诉举报24小时值班工作有序运转,确保在第一时间受理、转办、督办、处理游客的有效投诉,并及时解答游客的旅游咨询,大大方便了在晋旅游的各地游客。经省旅游质量监督管理所汇总分类,被投诉组团社中,太原2件,大同1件,长治2件,晋城1件;投诉发生地中,太原3件,大同5件,忻州2件,阳泉1件,晋中2件,长治9件,晋城6件,临汾2件,运城1件。相关的主题文章: