Nanjing tragic accident occurred man suspected of drunk driving hit and after Lianzhuang 7 car accident man Yangzi Evening News (reporter Ren Guoyong) 4 evening 9:37, near Nanjing Maigaoqiao Hua Chang Ying Cun circuit bus station, a speeding red Chevrolet sedan will be a mother and son Zhuangfei, of which 9 children died, the mother is still the treatment, in addition to the vehicle hit an oncoming bus after a series of hit the roadside six cars hit the tree before it stopped. At the scene of the accident, the car hit the top of a tree, the front deformation. A woman knocked the leg blood hole, who has been in a coma, then was sent to the hospital, the children still, the medical staff rushed to the scene when he has no signs of life. Roadside several cars have varying degrees of damage. Police cordoned off the scene, the seven brigade police suspects control. Witnesses said the car accident is from east to west fast, very fast. The first is the bus station in Chang Ying Cun East kilometers otter Road intersection with other vehicle collision, the two sides in theory in the process of Chevrolet car driver found about other suspected of drunk driving, the driver may be afraid of drunk driving exposure, West run, hit to the bus station to Chang Ying Village, a man and a woman was zhuangfei. Chevrolet collided with a roadside vehicle crashed into a tree stopped, the driver was trapped in the car. Police immediately rushed to the scene after receiving the alarm to the driver control, and contact emergency vehicles to save. Witnesses said the driver had claimed to drink 32 wine, and then was taken to the hospital for blood transfusion police. Currently, the police are still investigating.相关的主题文章: