Five Tang Plaza Station of Nanjing Metro Line 3 suspected gas leak gate 4 temporarily closed 13 days around 16 PM, Gulou District of Nanjing City Central North Metro Line 3 station exit 4 near the surrounding municipal manhole, and filled with a strong smell of gas, a gas leak is suspected surrounding. Then good people to the police, a few minutes, fire, public security, environmental protection, municipal departments rushed to the scene, the central North Road, No. 4 subway temporarily closed. Police are evacuating the crowd, the scene has been pulled cordon. In the afternoon, when I passed the scene, found the central North Road, No. 3 subway station near exit 4, parked fire engines, police cars, green cars, municipal vehicles, the scene has pulled up the cordon. In the face of the sudden line 3, exit 4, gas smell, multi sector and the gas company immediately launched an investigation, and with instruments for each manhole inspection. I observed in the field for nearly 1 hours, it smelled a pungent odor, similar to the smell of gas is particularly strong. According to the site of several workers, may be discharged near the hotel is not standardized, and septic tank caused by biogas. To the author 17:30 or so, leaving the scene, the police are still maintaining order at the scene, Gas Co staff, but also one by one to detect and eliminate hidden dangers.相关的主题文章: