"My 1997" boot featuring inspirational epic Eiko Fengyun – Entertainment Sohu Eiko "my 1997" boot media interview Sohu Eiko entertainment news to commemorate the 20 anniversary of the return of Hongkong tribute drama "my 1997" yesterday in Beijing on the play by the strength of the actor famous actor starring Yin Xiaotian Eiko together. At the ceremony, with a gray cotton padded jacket Eiko linen trousers, hair braided with red string play retro dress beautiful eye-catching appearance, as if people back in the last century. "My 1997" focus on the big time little Eiko as the female TV main interpretation of the changes of the times "my 1997" by the Chinese shadow Wenxuan television, happy Blue Ocean Film Co produced by the famous producer etc., as production high into the raw (representative of "Republic" Beginning of The Great Revival "" 1942 "" master ", etc.), the famous director Wang Weimin (representative of the" blue "contest" witness "of" Far East ", the first prison etc.) two people to create a joint work" TV drama "Yihai alliance recently gains US film festival outstanding drama" Golden Angel Award ", the screenwriter is served by the famous screenwriter Zhang Qiang (representative" turning point in the history of Deng Xiaoping "). The drama mainly played by Eiko Ann Hui and Yin Xiaotian as the founding of the high inspirational struggle life as a clue, trudging with the tide of the times and feelings, reflecting the state of the return of Hongkong turn the world upside down amidst the winds of change before and after the interpretation of the significance of the times. Actress Ann Hui was originally a special background, not free to choose love and life of women, and follow up the progress of the times pulse, by virtue of their own do not give up the end of the fire fighting, the successful life Phoenix Nirvana?. Although many large and Eiko had already worked with the production team, the star of "1997" as a corner of Anhui, Eiko still conceal his excitement, "this is a part of everyone to participate in the TV series, to work with such an excellent team, is a rare chance to improve yourself." Learning to play the bike set Eiko Eiko three days to learn cycling spirit power quality strength actor starred in the drama Eiko "Goodfellas" "war" Changsha "old farmer" "Qingdao" "female hero" authentic past all over the monument series, its superb acting impressed the audience by fans as "conscience drama harvester". In the industry, in addition to the excellent acting, Eiko’s dedication also won the praise of frequency. During the filming of "Goodfellas", for the interpretation of Eiko hard lines during the filming of "tunnel; female hero", bold eye shadow Eiko overcome brave action gun battles play; the story needs to fit, high quality complete "my 1997" shooting, Eiko three days before the temporary opening hard to ride a bike, or even injured leg bruises still take the time training. Because the son will be genuine in Chongqing, this would not be the rider she said, "we don’t have the bike, so I need to practice." Yesterday the scene of a car parked on the permanent 26 bicycles, Eiko at the ceremony after being rushed into the practice, their work attitude seriously so that the staff also repeatedly praise..相关的主题文章: