Moto G will be replaced by the new low-end machine Lenovo surgeon development Tencent (blue) digital news recently about 2017 Moto X message is fried, after revealing the new machine in the network spy, and foreign website Techdroider exposure of a machine on the back of the rendering, edge design is the most attractive place is still a huge camera and suspected plastic package, it will have gold and silver style launch. However, there are users in Post Bar broke the news that the new Motorola is 2017 Moto X, Moto G series of new machines but new, now is to get the real machine test, but did not disclose the relevant configuration information. The back of the rendering leaked along with the exposure of a mysterious new machine Motorola, many people are guessing the real identity of the machine, and there may be 2017 Moto X message. And now, the foreign website Techdroider also released the first one of the back of the machine rendering, allegedly may be equipped with 5.2 inches touch screen, and there will be gold and silver and other styles launched. From the exposure of the so-called 2017 Moto X on the back of the renderings, the camera design is still the continuation of the Moto Z series features, with round shape and large embedded in the color temperature of the flash, but it seems to be some. At the same time, the new Motorola in the edge of the black plastic wrapping, there may be a new exploration to Motorola in antenna design. However, the machine does not appear on the back of the modular parts of the interface, and should be used in front of the fingerprint identification design, which is still a big difference with the Moto Z series. Moto is G new machine although now many media have speculated that the aircraft may be the Moto X series of new machines launched next year, but according to the users in the Post Bar claimed that this new machine is 2017 Moto X, but Moto G series of new machines in the future, at present already in the test. At the same time on the network for the exposure of the spy photos, the users also said that this machine is not complete, the cover is not the case, even the so-called renderings of foreign websites exposure may not be the final version. Some unfortunately, the friends did not disclose any configuration information of the Moto G series of new machines, but it is certain that at least the use of pre fingerprint design, may increase the memory capacity and processor upgrade, and add to the support of the NFC function. In addition, it is also on the back of the machine without modular accessory interface, which largely confirms what is not associated with the Moto X series, after all, from the market positioning perspective, Motorola has no reason to let the modular accessories absent Moto X series of new machines in the future. Lenovo development will be worth mentioning is that, despite the rendering of the exposure is not 2017 Moto X, but does not mean that the machine does not exist. According to previous exposure of Motorola and Lenovo’s product roadmap shows that in 2016 Moto, Z and G series are produced by the Motorola team,.相关的主题文章: