Milan to Real Madrid 60 million poaching thigh joined Shenhua fee – Milan sports Sohu agreed transfer fee agreed AC thigh joined Shenhua Milan this season is encouraging, especially in a recent period of time, and in the standings ahead of the team quickly narrow the gap, at present only third of Florence fell back 6 points, remaining in Serie a the 13 round of the situation, there is still a chance the Rossoneri win in next season’s Champions League chances. AC Milan has such good results, the biggest merit is the Baka, last summer to 30 million euros from Seville to join the Columbia striker, coach Mikhailovich has now become the most trusted striker last weekend AC Milan beat Genoa 2-1 Italian League, is the Baca opening less than 5 minutes break, helping the Rossoneri to open the gate of victory. Count against the Genoese achieved goal, this is VacA in Serie A this season 13 second break, currently the top scorer with Dibala ranked No. 2, the tournament played 28 times, 15 4 times into the ball, but also help AC Milan to the Italian Cup semi-final, due to Italian 4 the Rossoneri club level, if there is no accident, will easily qualify for the finals. Italy media reports, due to the outstanding performance of the Baka caused, Real Madrid and Chelsea note that the two clubs willing to invest 60 million euros in the acquisition, but was immediately rejected the AC of Milan, and said the Columbia striker is not for sale. Just about the comeback, is likely to join the super club Shanghai shenhua. Italy media, Shanghai Shenhua gave up Cahill, decided to add a striker, eyeing the. It is reported that Shanghai Shenhua and Milan AC has a transfer fee settled, a total of 10 million euros; the only difference is that the contract with Shanghai Shenhua, the super ball will provide a period of three years, the annual salary of 7 million euro contract players require a whopping 10 million euros contract. The 28 year old mace was AC Milan ham, the summer of 2014 to join the free player at Milan last season in Serie A, scoring 16 goals and 4 assists, almost a person responsible for the Rossoneri Cuichengbazhai, but this season for injuries, only 33 minutes. (litter)

米兰拒皇马6000万挖角 大腿加盟申花转会费谈妥-搜狐体育 米兰大腿加盟申花转会费谈妥   AC米兰本赛季成绩不俗,尤其是最近一段时间,在积分榜上与排名前列的球队迅速缩小差距,目前仅落后排名第三的佛罗伦萨6分,在意甲联赛还剩下13轮的情况下,红黑军团仍有机会夺得参加下赛季欧冠联赛的机会。AC米兰之所以有如此不错的成绩,最大功劳当属巴卡,这位去年夏天以3000万欧元从塞维利亚加盟而来的哥伦比亚前锋,如今成为主帅米哈伊洛维奇最信任的前锋,上周末AC米兰2-1击败热那亚的意甲联赛,正是巴卡开场不到5分钟破门,帮助红黑军团敲开了胜利之门。   算上对阵热那亚取得的进球,这是巴卡在本赛季意甲联赛中第13次破门,目前在射手榜上与迪巴拉排在第二位,各项赛事出场28次,打入15球助攻4次,还帮助AC米兰杀进意大利杯半决赛,由于面对意大利第四级别球会,红黑军团若无意外,将轻松晋级决赛。意大利媒体披露,由于巴卡的出色表现,引起了皇马和切尔西的注意,两家球会愿意出资6000万欧元收购,但立即遭到了AC米兰的否决,并表示哥伦比亚前锋是非卖品。关于刚刚复出的梅内,很有可能加盟中超球会上海申花。   意大利媒体披露,上海申花放弃了卡希尔,决定补充一名前锋,盯上了梅内。据悉,上海申花已与AC米兰就转会费谈妥,共计1000万欧元;唯一的分歧在于梅内与上海申花的合同,中超球会提供了一份为期三年、年薪700万欧元的合同,球员则要求一份高达1000万欧元的年薪合同。现年28岁的梅斯曾是AC米兰大腿,2014年夏天以自由球员的方式加盟米兰内洛,上赛季在意甲联赛中打入16球助攻4次,几乎一个人担负起红黑军团摧城拔寨的重任,不过本赛季持续受伤,仅出场33分钟。   (小托)相关的主题文章: