The Mid Autumn Festival Changsha 1 million 68 thousand tourists tourism revenue 1 billion 251 million yuan original title: night Changsha beauty new high tourism promotion Juzizhou head of happiness, the children are chasing the kite joy run; Mount Yuelu, the old people enjoy walking enjoyable; night, Orange Island Beach Park, Ocean Lake Wetland Park has become a sea of light and 80 the young couple with a baby toddler in the lanterns with mobile phone freeze a moment of happiness…… The full moon, the world of joy, bright lanterns, colorful fireworks, the mid autumn festival night, Changsha beautiful new height, maxed circle of friends; global tourism tourists gain a sense of full blossom everywhere. Reporters learned from the Municipal Tourism Bureau in September 17th, a total of 1 million 68 thousand people in Changsha, a small holiday tourists, tourism revenue reached $1 billion 251 million. Amazing night Changsha dumped eight party guest lovesickness night, dim feeling; bright lights, over the Orange Island perfect conjugal bliss, last night, the moon and the lunar seventeen "crossing" Xiangjiang fireworks magnificent spectacle of each other, the public, tourists with amazing, but for a small Mid Autumn Festival holiday to draw a perfect ending. "Here all his life, the Mid Autumn Festival Changsha night is really beautiful and intoxicating ah, too proud." Stand on the edge of the Xiangjiang overlooking the dreamlike beauty of the "old Changsha eyeful" Luo dad, words could hardly restrain my excitement. According to the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday three days, Mount Yuelu, Tianxin Pavilion, Du Jiang Pavilion, Liuyang Dawei Mountain, Ningxiang Weishan, Changsha County Shiyan lake has become a good place for visitors to the moon. Mount Yuelu tourists received a total of more than 25 people; Pingbian tourists 39 thousand and 600 passengers, revenue reached 6 million 380 thousand yuan; the Orange Island Beach Park, forest botanical garden, Ocean Lake Wetland Park launched Shangding garden products, such as the Mid Autumn Festival special blessing delicacy worship activities, the popularity of an unprecedented hot, Ocean Lake three days were tourists 157 thousand and 400 passengers, an an increase of 1504.38%, become the biggest dark horse ""…… After a new round of beautification of the Changsha after upgrading, combined with the major scenic spots carefully planned launch of the Mid Autumn Festival theme, this holiday to produce a stunning performance report to the public and visitors from around the world, beautiful night became the biggest bonus. Changsha scenic Yuelu Academy read Global Times flowering Millennium context, watching the folk stunt show non heritage, eat spicy Stinky tofu hooked, book a glimpse of the Liuyang river has planted on Changsha thought. From the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions of the travel agents, media groups and UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) officials spent an unforgettable Mid Autumn Festival in Changsha. One day fly, from around the world, knowledgeable travel experts have a thumbs up, and they see, is only a corner of iceberg beauty Changsha. (Changsha evening news reporter Liu Qi Wu Yingshu Zhou Bin) [] Changsha video recommendation: making the night sky is realistic artificial super moon in mid autumn相关的主题文章: