A man of personal information online shopping fraud 15 yuan even newborn information has a man of personal information – online shopping fraud, with an information – scared some of the information from a credit card manufacturer to express a single, a 15 yuan to buy the data men in the online purchase information and credit card fraud newborn family information, a detailed information afraid, not only have the name, gender, neonatal birth date information, there are parents, family telephone, address, etc.. Fortunately, the man was arrested by the police. Recently, the 35 year old Lin suspicion of violation of personal information of citizens was approved by the Lake District People’s Procuratorate arrested. Lin Anxi people, only primary school culture, to the building rental in Tongan district. Since 2015, he has purchased personal information through QQ chat tools, a total of 2003. According to his account, from November 2015 to 2016 before the Spring Festival, he alone to do birth subsidies fraud. To this end, he bought a price of $7 per family of 1107 newborn children. After the Spring Festival in 2016, Lin felt himself unable to play multiple roles, so he had to hire a young girl. Then he purchased online credit card information 896, the amount of credit card fraud and a start. The information comes from a courier card sent by a credit card manufacturer. Lin said, because many financial institutions will find the company customized credit cards, cards need to be mailed to the cardholder after the delivery, so there will be the name of the cardholder’s name and telephone. He put these people as their potential customers". Compared to the price of the newborn family information, the information is more expensive, one to 15 yuan. Lin and hired to have a division of the little sister. In Lin’s computer, police found their scam: birth subsidy fraud, posing as the community staff responsible for sister Lin, responsible for posing as staff of the Financial Bureau, in the name of the receive subsidies fees need to require the victim remittance; the implementation of credit card fraud when high amount, little sister posing as bank customer service personnel, taking the card number and other information, and Lin is according to the information in the online shopping mall and buy cards, the cards sold realizable. Contractors prosecutors believe that the case, Lin alleged violations of the crime of personal information of citizens, with social risk, and therefore decided to arrest. The little sister Lin hire will also be held criminally responsible, currently being released on bail. Prosecutors say [] the illegal sale of personal information are especially serious can be sentenced to 7 years in the "criminal law amendment (nine)" officially implemented in November last year, the provisions of article 253rd, in violation of the relevant provisions of the state, sell to others or to provide personal information, if the circumstances are serious, 3 years imprisonment or criminal detention. And / or be fined; if the circumstances are especially serious, more than 3 years of fixed-term imprisonment of 7 years and shall also be fined. This year, only Lake District procuratorate handled 8 cases of civil personal information. Prosecutors said the new law to strengthen the protection of personal information of citizens, whether the buyer or the seller, in violation of the provisions of the criminal law amendment (nine), constitute an invasion.相关的主题文章: