Meng Huiyuan’s first single hot hits by Hsu Chi Valen Hsu praised the forwarding [Abstract] Meng Huiyuan last month ahead of the super girls launched his first single "surrender" to Chinese lead well after second singles "! Notice of the video was released on a warm look forward to! Meng Huiyuan "want to surrender" (lyrics version) Tencent entertainment news "stubborn girl" Meng Huiyuan with outstanding performance in this year’s "Super Girls" on the stage of being familiar with fans all over the country and sought after by fans, leading the same session last month launched his first super Chinese singles "surrender" to lead to good response after second singles "ah! Notice of the video was released on a warm look forward to! "Stubborn" effect is not Qushi, today (97), "stubborn girl" music is the energy is still in the fermentation, the new Chinese singles "! "The whole network premiere! Before the exposure of the people ah! "Single trailer, the chorus just tens of seconds, instantly captured around the fans heart, straight up with powder index. Man ah! "And jointly built by" popular music "Lala Hsu and the famous musician NIKECHEN," stubborn girl "Meng Huiyuan heart deduction, sing floating city people mood and desire, the hearts of every one for free and emotional insecurity, with contradictions, and loss of emptiness, loneliness, vulnerability…… Such as the innermost expression. The strength of the Swiss emotional harvest numerous hot interpretation of praise, causing more fans resonance. Meng Huiyuan’s first single "surrender" to play video breaking 6 million 750 thousand hits by Hsu Chi, Valen Hsu praised the forwarding it is worth mentioning that, in the new single released while preheating, first single "surrender" would also in the digital radio and on the list of hot hits. But at the weekend – the final day, Hui Yuan micro-blog fans should also promise to "surrender" to the public for the first time the unplugged guitar version of the video, and micro-blog fans call themselves to participate in the "new song contest should support". Fresh and natural and not to lose the guitar level wonderful performance, is the wisdom circle exquisite heart and soft clean voice perfectly, just four days, the video will break through more than 6 million 750 thousand Click to play, in addition to the "strength to sing" praise and encourage the transfer of Valen Hsu, "the goddess" Hsu Chi is praising micro-blog forward "good good good good oh!" , this also makes Hui circle pleasantly surprised, for the first time in micro-blog want to encourage their idol to thank "I won, thank you the most beautiful bride!". The fans have a surprise exclamation "goddess of 5200th micro-blog praised the boss", "so blatant confession", "the most beautiful bride loves Meng Huiyuan"…… Is the goddess who "flop" behind the Meng Huiyuan surprise also said modestly, music is a gift to her gift, hoping to bring more positive energy to fans fans of their own songs, they will work harder and also hope that we can continue to pay attention to and support their music in the future. "Super Girls" in 2016 as the first singles player, Meng Huiyuan has in his music was the first step on the road at the second single, "one person, ah! "Today the whole network" heart "on the line, listen to her song:相关的主题文章: