Mencius Yi Cheng Yi "and" the first grade partner guide fairy beautiful couple like mad – the first grade entertainment Sohu Meng Ziyi stills Mencius meaning portrait appeared in the Sohu of Hunan satellite TV entertainment news "the first grade?" graduation season this Saturday fourth period is about to launch, after the first round of fierce battle music Festival "this week" the screening lines race more tempt the appetite. On a stage, Cobain group potential floret Meng Ziyi have done well in the program, was chosen by Anita Yuen Lin Chiling on behalf of students attending classes to imitate the debate. Expression of liberal and dignified race, not only the debate is clear, the debate is always in the role, Ni Ping won the affirmation of the teacher and the students. It is reported that the fourth phase of the program will be on the line in the Mencius meaning reproduction God imitation, two partner classmate Cheng Yi played fairy monitor beautiful couple, performing in place full understanding. Meng Ziyi performed as the first grade Cobain Julian Cheung tutor Anita Yuen couple has been the entertainment model couple, the reality show sweet together. In the feelings of the couple, enjoy with food, not stop loving show. In this week’s master class, Meng Ziyi and Cheng Yi respectively play the roles of Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung, according to a set of "buy" plot to deduct, Meng Ziyi of God through the observation of Anita Yuen in the imitation daily, put it down and put it on some emotions, and Cheng Yi and partner with the tacit agreement. Strong sense of sight that Julian Cheung can not help but sigh: you two more lovers." In fact, in the first phase of Meng Ziyi and Cheng Yi was based on Anita Yuen’s performance requirements 17 years old love stage Xian beautiful couple, double ponytail version of the Mencius meaning pure and beautiful, charming and clever girl will be the most incisive interpretation, see Anita Yuen’s wild with joy "very surprise.". In the coming fourth period, Mencius Yi Cheng Yi two imitation will leap from the "first stage" to the "old couple" model to imitate, and according to the requirements of the master class, join the comedy, let the audience look forward to the arrival of this program have. In addition to the reality show "the first grade graduation season?", as graduating students working performance Cobain, meaning Mencius performances of the road is sincerely. By virtue of the "Wu God Zhao Zilong" after his debut, Meng Ziyi has joined in the "new legend of the Condor Heroes", "what in?", "what a cool summer cold? We can not be sad" and other shows, new blood is the entertainment industry is worth anticipating a potential stock. On the first grade graduation season, the meaning of Mencius more exciting content, this Saturday night 22:00 Hunan TV to continue to feel you.相关的主题文章: