Luoyang Mid Autumn Festival holiday tourists 700 thousand passengers in Luoyang city – dress parade zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in September 17, September 17th 2016 (Han Zhangyun), Luoyang Heluo Culture Tourism Festival opened in the New District of Luoyang City Sports Center plaza. More than 300 foreign performers on the characteristics of Luoyang City parade, into the exotic Luoyang ancient capital of 13 dynasties. The reporter also learned from the Luoyang Provincial Tourism Development Committee, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Luoyang received a total of 708 thousand and 200 Chinese and foreign tourists, popular attractions Longmen Grottoes tourists 47 thousand and 400 passengers. 17, 16 PM, 2016 Luoyang Heluo culture tourism festival parade activities in the city of Luoyang staged a wonderful. The reporter saw in the Luoyang area, floats by the Department, many people stopped to take pictures. Each float has 20 performers from Russia, Mexico, Serbia and other countries on the float to interact with the public. It is reported that participate in the parade of 13 floats in the Luoyang capital corresponding to the 13 dynasties, each file skirt floats on both sides of the text rendering and the symbols corresponding dynasties. The decoration is mainly reflected in Luoyang natural scenery, historical and cultural tourism resources, and other elements, fully demonstrate the charm of Heluo culture and the Millennium Royal Park style. To take pictures of people in Luoyang before the very characteristic floats. Photo by Han Zhangyun according to the parade route of road capacity, the parade of floats highly uniform design for 4.4 meters, length of 12 meters to 13 meters. During the period of Heluo Culture Tourism Festival, a total of three games colorful floats parade appearance. Cruising time was September 17th, 19 and 20, will become a beautiful landscape in Luoyang. And just finished the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday, with Longmen Grottoes, white horse temple and other famous historical and cultural attractions in Luoyang also ushered in about 700000 Chinese and foreign tourists. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday although the ending, and the 2016 Luoyang Tourism Festival opened in Luoyang Heluo culture tourism peak autumn prelude. The Heluo Culture Tourism Festival tour landscape, appreciate the Heluo smart Millennium royal park style "as the theme, prepared for tourists in the eight world magic dream water Festival, Tang Culture Park, International Balloon Festival Parade, Heluo culture seminar and 6 theme activities and 11 special activities for visitors to Los carefully presents a series of colorful cultural tourism. The ancient city of Luoyang is rich in historical and cultural landscape and natural landscape. China has a history of 13 dynasties in the capital of Luoyang, is the capital of my China capital of the earliest and longest and most dynasties. Along the Luohe River lined xiadou Erlitou, Yanshi mall, Zhou Wangcheng, Han Gucheng, Luoyang city in Sui and Tang Dynasties five rare site. Longmen Grottoes is the world’s cultural heritage, the White Horse Temple "source of Buddhism" and "Zuting", Guan Lin, Emperor driving six Museum of historical and cultural landscape dotted. The peony of Luoyang also enjoy the "best" reputation. In recent years, Luoyang relying on its own unique tourism resources, vigorously develop the tourism industry, in 2015 received a total of more than one hundred million Chinese and foreign tourists, tourism revenue reached $78 billion. (end)相关的主题文章: