Lu Yi: the definition of love is the best husband that Bao Lei Lu Yi morning news reporter Yin outsiders, Lu Yi [micro-blog] is regarded as a model of entertainment: child star debut, the play starred Hai Yan when reading on the drama "yongbumingmu" fame; thirty years of age, and his girlfriend of ten years Bao Lei [micro-blog "into the marriage hall, two lovely daughters around the knees, what is life. But in fact, he was also subjected to unimaginable shelled opinion, even alcoholism; but now he is long past the stage and their rivalry, everything is free and easy. He starred in the drama "rouge" tomorrow night at the Oriental TV broadcasting, in an interview with reporters, Lu Yi said: "ten years ago, I always want to do to others, but now I think, and prove themselves to others, as do their own." Talk about the new movie scenes encounter up sister especially afraid of TV drama "rouge" tells the story of the war, Zhao Liying [micro-blog] as blue Rouge in the three spy Zhou Yuhao Lu Yi’s help, a calm, professional agent of the Communist Party of China story from the blood of a patriotic young girl. In the eyes of Lu Yi, Zhou Yuhao is a "three high", "high color value, high intelligence, high EQ", "I played rookie agent slow growth story, the teacher also played the identity of the agent, the Zhou Yuhao’s special identity, he is a three spy, in order to win over the blue rouge, has in the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, Japanese three camps." At the start of the story, Zhou Yuhao is the ten round, which makes Lu Yi hooked, but also exposes the action of all himself to a hail of bullets. As the blue Rouge revolutionary road mentor, Zhou Yuhao not only show spy skills, is a master of love, did not expect Lu Yi to tease sister scenes a bit timid, "to tell the truth I am particularly afraid to shoot this movie, because I’m not what love experience, so I can only follow the script to shoot." Turning to the reason for the play, Lu Yi’s answer is very simple, Xu Jizhou director before the work is very good at making a man, the man’s charm value is very high". This seems a reason, but a true reflection of his now lucky mentality, "I then play the standard first love this role, there is to be near Shanghai. Took two play the first half of this year, made a big drama, just made a light comedy, the index finished, then ready to rest." Talk about pressure had the day off at home playing games but many years ago, young Lu Yi had to get rid of the "idol burden", often heavy historical role, even in the rising period of occupation actor suspended drama, obsessed with music. Because he wants to prove himself. In 1998, 22 year old Lu Yi as "never close eyes" in a corner of Xiao Tong and the explosion of red, then he took on the "fog rain wind", "young BaoQingTian 2", "beauty and the geek", together with Chen Kun, Li Yapeng, Hu Jun [micro-blog] [micro-blog], by the media as the size of the first batch of four mainland students. At that time, many with his people, who praised his singing, that he can turn to be a singer. Then, Lu相关的主题文章: