Love is not love "wind" "rain" of the new network in Weijin Dynasty to the period of Wei – Zhao Meng, "wind" this image has been a continuation of the poem since the cold, Jin Li style, and more and more sad. After that, throughout the Wei, Jin and southern and Northern Dynasties, this tradition continues to be extended. Lu Ji "to go to the middle of the road for two": "the wind in the night wind, solitary animals before i." King? "Poem": "new wind of autumn grass, side horse heart." Liu Kun "Fufeng song": "strong sad wind, cool stream flow." Xie Lingyun "Suimu": "the moon shines on the snow, the strength and sorrow." Bao Zhao "North Gate" generation from Thistle: "wind plugging, sand flying from." "Ming": "the hurt my heart, muscle, bird." Jiangyan "Wang Jingshan": "the sad wind deflection heavy clouds rose sukchon forest." "Wu Jun answered:" Liu Yun "moon as the chill layer Ling, Takagi." His speech became "Zhaojun:" Hu Feng "into the cold, dark light heart ming." In the sad wind swept the earth, the poetry of the climate is also began to have subtle changes. Breeze, breeze began to appear a little bit in the poet’s pen. Such as Xu Gan "poem": "the breeze, the setting sun boudoir, court order." Cao Zhi "Poems": "micro shadow Yang Jing, breeze floating my clothes." Cao Zhi is one of the first "mourning" women thought of poetry, including two imagination extremely well: "to the southwest wind, vanished into her bosom." In the lack of long distance transportation era, to her husband missing a woman, fantasy into the southwest wind, across the miles mountain, straight into her husband’s arms. To the ignorant passionately devoted, how much love sweet. Ruan Ji "s poem": "Weijian thin moon, breeze blowing my lapel." Zhang Hua "poem": "the wind moving the curtains, the room quiet morning." The artistic conception is quite deep. Zhang Hua "Monty": "a generous Suni, Xiao Zha wind up." This "Ode to history": "if there is no wind induced chosho, Zhi wu." The two "cool" have a feeling of agitation, not gentle. Pan Yue’s "DaoWang poetry" is Chinese poetry history earlier wrote "spring": "the spring morning, edge?? bearing eaves drop." In the history of the development of the "wind" image, the appearance of the "spring breeze" is quite symbolic. If the pre Qin period of poetry is the autumn wind, then the Eastern Han Dynasty, the wind is the winter wind. To the Jin Dynasty, the spring bud every day the news began to reveal machine. Although the wind chill, cold water overflowing, still cold, the southeast has blew another warm breath. In the great poet Tao Yuanming, we can see the most obvious traces of this season. In Tao Yuanming there, the wind is still cold, often sad, such as "my hand Lujiang sad wind, grass no vestibule" ("drinking"), "Xiao Xiao" the wind died, the light induced cold "(" Yong Jing Ke "), sometimes even destructive, such as" rain aspect to convergence is not full Chan "(" Chu poetry show Pang registrar Deng Zhizhong "). But at the same time, but also a lot of gratifying factors. Tao Yuanming farm, nature is full of love. The significance of the wind for the harvest of agriculture.相关的主题文章: