The goddess Liu Xianghui alma mater Southern China Normal University for swimming is not cold call goddess Guangzhou daily news (reporter Xu Jing     correspondent Li Yuhong, Lian Zechun, Yangliuqing) yesterday, South China Normal University for the school students, the Rio Olympic swimmer Liu Xiang issued a "sunshine South China Normal University ambassador letter. The outside call her "China swimming goddess", Liu Xiang is indifferent to all, she wanted to use the results to prove himself. Liu Xiang to participate in the Olympic Games after the return to his alma mater, was warmly welcomed by teachers and students. Guangzhou Daily reporter Wang Weixuan Liu Xiang photo by alma mater "sunshine ambassador" the end of the Rio Olympic swimming event, Liu Xiang won the women’s 50 meter backstroke and women’s 50 meter freestyle champion two in the recently held national swimming championships. Yesterday, Liu Xiang returned to his alma mater South China Normal University. South China Normal University Party committee secretary Zhu Kongjun, President Liu Ming, on behalf of the school to award South China Normal University sun ambassador letter. In the future, Liu Xiang will play a positive role in promoting the school sunshine sports, college students "after the" theme activities, advocating campus fresh fitness, healthy life is still. Schools need their own words, will fully cooperate." She said. Last night, the new literary party Liu Xiang also to participate in the South China Normal University undergraduate students, sharing their "Olympic road", let students feel that there is no shortcut to success, only by constantly strive to achieve the dream of life.     don’t like to be called "goddess" Liu Xiang is the South China Normal University Sports Science College 2015 students. Last year, Liu Xiang in the National Swimming Championship to win the title, so beautiful, long hair, bright smile, tall, she fell into a public view. For a time, her hair in micro-blog’s photo widely circulated on the Internet, she was friends known as the "goddess of the new China swimming". In this regard, she how to see? "I feel it in general, I prefer to speak with grades. ‘Goddess’ in the sports world, it seems that there is no strength, I do not like this." This is a lot of people known as the "leggy" girl, but do not know how long my leg. She said with a smile, girls love photography, choose the angle is very important. "I am not RMB, some people like me, some people do not like me, this is normal." Liu Xiang wrote on his micro-blog. Despite the high color value, but she did not pay a little less than others in training, a lot of hard work and pay for the outside world do not know. Like ice cream, watch American TV life, Liu Xiang’s hobbies and girls in this age group is also very similar, "I love beautiful clothes and handsome." Her favorite ice cream, some time ago, the descendants of the sun is very fire, will chase Song Zhongji. Due to long time intensive training, Liu Xiang in the campus is relatively no students, she said, looking forward to their university life certainly a lot easier than training, and many students can eat together, play together with the students. But for now, she still has to take the usual training. She told reporters, in the usual training, generally there are three Hall of strength training, in addition to.相关的主题文章: