Lippi’s match Qatar warm-up will practice specialized tactical restraint Lippi has sent assistant intelligence JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Xiaomin) as far as possible in order to grasp the situation of Qatar, Qatar and Russia in the early 11 warm-up, national football team assistant coach Pezzo Siti and specially sent a translator to Qatar watched the game,. Tactics and personnel to use in our hands do the opponent. Forty strong match, the national team with the Qatar team for the two time, the team’s understanding of the characteristics of. However, due to the replacement of the coach of the opponent, coupled with a number of changes in personnel, resulting in the current Qatar team with the forty game compared to a great change. 11, Qatar and Russia warm up, the country attaches great importance to, for which Lippi specially arranged for the main intelligence gathering work to go to the scene reconnaissance Pezzotti. It is understood that, through the scene to watch the game, Pezzotti has been the other side of the technical and tactical characteristics and the use of personnel and so do the greatest degree of understanding, which is very helpful for the preparation of 15 games. In the next few days on the tactical class, the coaching staff will be specifically for the players to analyze the characteristics of the Qatar team, and then arrange more targeted training in the deployment. At present, the domestic atmosphere is good, the goal is to win the victory of 15 days. Zhang Chengdong returning to training JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Xiaomin) with Cao Yunding, Zhang Chengdong and other have recovered, the competition is more intense, and Qatar’s lineup will also set off the last race. In 8, the Orangemen and Wuhan zall teaching match, Zhang Chengdong leg slight injury, then for several days he did not appear in the training field of foot. Yesterday, the country is open to the media in the first 15 minutes, the team in a warm-up lap, Zhang Chengdong is accompanied by an assistant coach jogging. From the front of the news back, Zhang Chengdong recovered in good condition, is expected to catch up with Qatar’s game. With the return of Zhang Yuning and Cao Yunding and Zhang Chengdong have been recovered, the national team’s lineup is more neat, this is a good news for the battle of qatar.相关的主题文章: