Lin Chiling pose kung fu class long and short legs and wear flat shoes before the date, Lin Chiling attended the brand conference. Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan’s side denied the "composite" rumors, also praised Guo Degang’s "very handsome", but also jokes that he will listen to your voice recording or usual navigation. Lin Chiling was asked to answer the "composite" ambiguous envy married Hsu Chi and Ruby Lin, Hsu Chi and Lin Chiling once called the "Taiwan three gold 3S lady", and another two this year has married, but also to the outside of Lin Chiling’s marriage to pay more attention to. Lin Chiling also lamented the scene: how careless is left? Or do you want a company?." But she said that the language has not yet found the other half, he may be lost." Recently, Lin Chiling and Jerry Yan "composite" rumors rampant, and Lin Chiling was asked recently there is no contact with Jerry Yan, two people are likely to develop when she gives people daydream answer, Lin Chiling smiled and said: "no (with Jerry Yan), after the contact details will not tell you the report prepared." Lin Chiling also expressed the scene on the news of the marriage announced by Hsu Chi happy, she released (News), full of envy." Lin Chiling also said that if they get married one day, but also tend to be like Hsu Chi announced. When asked about love secretly or share with other people, Lin Chiling said let bestie know first, and then the media should be said with a smile, "you really very much!" Lin Chiling Fan Bingbing praised the "star model" and to co star recently, Lin Chiling and Fan Bingbing on the same stage when the recorded program Shuangmei sparked heated debate, Fan Bingbing praised Lin Chiling’s "super beautiful". While Lin Chiling’s boast superior skill, the day was asked about the impression of Fan Bingbing, Lin Chiling said: "I (she) has been like a small fan next to look at her, she is the actress model, I am very very beautiful, but no more than a chat." Fan Bingbing and praising "walk very domineering demeanor". When it comes to the next work plan, Lin Chiling said the new film next month will join Kevin Tsai as director, and to compete against a bitter enemy. ". She said with a smile has asked the director who bullies who play inside, but the director don’t answer.相关的主题文章: