Lights rambling: new impetus to keep Hongkong village old feelings – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong in September 18, entitled Ferry: new impetus to retain new feelings in the old fishing village agency in Hongkong reporter Liang Jin type wooden hull, manual wheel for the ferry, the ferry boat small rich Hongkong characteristics, over the years quietly sail the harbour shuttle passengers between Hong Kong Island, West Bay, Kwun Tong and Kowloon Lei Yue Mun river. The time change, railway and road traffic increasingly developed, the importance of these two routes have been gradually reduced, even hovering in the closed edge, until recently the Coral Sea Shipping Co. Ltd. chairman Zheng Jinghua, found that this route has great development potential, thus making acquisitions, in addition to inject new impetus, but also optimistic about the future development opportunities. "The decision was made to retain a human touch and the unique flavor of Hongkong’s traditional fishing boats." Zheng Jinghua News Agency reporters in an interview, katio ferry type plays an important role in the development process of Hongkong public transport in the sea, she lament Sai Wan Ho two routes gradually forgotten, I hope that through this acquisition action to retain a copy of the Hongkong old flavor, and it is the first task is to add new development elements. In the absence of an undersea tunnel and MTR, the people of Hong Kong are dependent on the ferry to Hongkong island and kowloon. Today, ferry service demand is greatly reduced, operating more and more difficult. According to the transport department, there are 7 ferry routes between Hongkong island and Kowloon, including well-known star ferry, walk to central and Tsim Sha Tsui Tsim Sha Tsui to Wan Chai; Coral Sea shipping is one of operators, walk West Bay River to the Lei Yue Mun tri village and the West Bay River to Kwun tong. Two years ago, rising operating costs to the Coral Sea Authority for the closure of the two routes, to increase last year approved to help reduce operating costs; thereafter, the former boss because of old age, do not want to continue to operate, in September this year, the company sold to Zheng Jinghua. Is engaged in chartering business of Zheng Jinghua, who was born in the water on the family, have an affinity for marine and shipping, which led to the acquisition. In her mind, fishing is the symbol of Hongkong, witnessed the former small fishing village into an international metropolis in the course of struggle, and the Coral Sea traditional small wooden boat, still adhere to the service in the difficult days of wind waves, like, people struggle to survive the spirit. Next, the new company team plans to ferry and surrounding areas to create a new tourist attractions, to attract people and tourists, to increase the use of the coral sea route from Hong Kong, believe that capacity will turn several times. "In addition to eat seafood, tri village traditional snacks fruit tea is also very famous, and the green lighthouse is a hot wedding photo shoot." Simple decoration boarded the ferry, overlooking Victoria Harbour, Zheng Jinghua familiar to reporters tri village features, she seeks to discuss with the Bureau of tourism development, the establishment of Tourist Information Center in the tri village, and hope to cooperate with the nearby shops, a nostalgic bazaar, allowing visitors to experience the Hongkong former fishing village customs. In addition, last year completed the Kwun Tong waterfront, gathered in the children’s playground and viewing platform and a number of recreational facilities, has become a new landmark in the region; "SOHO East" of the West Bay)相关的主题文章: