Liberation Army Daily published an article: let the soldiers with the rights according to the law the author recently research at the grassroots level, inadvertently heard of such a thing: even a soldier’s mother suffered a car accident because we need a large amount of the cost of treatment, but the driver to economic hardship, has repeatedly delayed delivery of compensation. The soldiers wanted to resort to the law to solve the problem, but that is far away from home, in case trouble and effort, had to swallow. Until after the army to grasp the situation, to help him solve the problem in accordance with the law. Encounter disputes rather than "court", afraid to fight the lawsuit, careful investigation of inventory, exists in the aspects of some of the soldiers’ rights law fear fear "thought there are many: some think rights law process is complex and diverse and complicated affairs involved, as well as chidiankui, endure; others are worried that once the rights according to the law, not only will affect the individual’s normal work and life, but also distract forces to draw up energy, a thing less thing; some think too much about the cost of rights, rural resident, insufficient; or that the court is not honorable thing, easy to let the comrades and the adverse views on their own, to adversely affect their growth and progress; and to maintain military image and rights according to the law in opposition, that he is a soldier, should Carry forward the style, face the problem away…… The author believes that, at present, with the accelerated process of building the rule of law in the barracks and highlighting the effectiveness of the work of the rights of the army, the general awareness of the law of the officers and men, according to the concept of rights protection. The reason why a small number of officers and soldiers there is a "lawsuit against the image of" vague understanding, in the final analysis, the rule of law education is not deep enough. If you want to get through the rights of law, the last mile, the key to do from the ideological understanding of the article. Relying on legal education opportunity, in-depth guide officers extensive learning and abiding by the law, usage of education, enhance the consciousness of the rule of law, let the soldiers to understand, a "fear" pledge, not with the maintenance of their rights, is not responsible for their own legitimate rights and interests, but also a violation of the spirit of the rule of law, not to play the performance. On this basis, we also need to improve the legal aid system. Forces at all levels of the organization and the relevant business departments should be anxious at any time, the officers and men of the rights and interests of the organization to guide the work of the principles and procedures, and actively provide legal advice and assistance to ease the psychological pressure of officers and men. At the same time, establish and improve the organization and all rights related to military work liaison system, for cases involving the army to track performance, regularly informed of progress in treatment of cases related to military situation, enhance the foresight and initiative rights work. According to the law to protect the rights of everyone involved, grasping the benefits of condominium. Grass roots troops in the rule of law construction of nerve endings, the most likely to feel the actual needs and specific needs of the officers and men. Grassroots organizations must play a role in the new system, especially the company two mass organizations to take the initiative as a company affairs "observers" to safeguard their interests and "spokesmen", so that officers "willing to speak, is difficult to find organizations may help organizations", as the legal aid to better play a good basic function. (Department of the Xinjiang military region division director of the Political Department)相关的主题文章: