"Let me go" Ma Tianyu North nasal brush face "addictive"     Jackson; reluctant parting tears ran on the spot, people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn this week the size of North nose will spend the last day in North nasal home, Ma Tianyu, Yu Xiaotong, Henry, Hou Minghao not only to take the seahorses enjoy shooting the happy family portrait, will face the parting of sadness. "-" because the spell is not other buddy mind, all rebate "cold face" in Ma Tianyu, and the beloved Jackson parting, a mischievous "horse three" appearance, actually difficult in themselves, sad to tears! The three year old horse skills full of narcissism, self proclaimed "popular niche" for a discount on weekdays, the three year old horse summon wind and call for rain equal to anything, did not think the life skills all point to the option of narcissism! In order to bargain, he has to break through the sky color value everywhere sell adorable face brush. This program, with a small seahorses to shoot family portrait of Ma Tianyu, just entered the shop, claiming to be the "popular niche" to take pictures, to the clerk for homeopathic discount, sparkling eyes stop discharge, handsome man has not only responsible for the flourishing beauty, but also learn to cut prices! Who knows but in a cold face overbearing Obama Yu Xiaotong, "you are right, you handsome anyway"! You have the beauty kill, I have long legs to kill, who is more handsome? But in the face of Ma Tianyu’s value offensive, the clerk in the end will not send a free gift? "The sweet porridge" to be separated, Ma Tianyu tears collapse family portrait staged "departure station" shoot bursting with happiness, but also indicates that the North nasal trip will come to an end. Back home in the north of the nose, Ma Tianyu began to help adorable baby finishing clothes. Looking back at the next second is still happy to play with the beloved Jackson photos, the next second, he will be sent to other people’s "embrace", good to eat fried chicken to look at the stars?! Fairy tale is really a lie! But even if Ma Tianyu do not give up adorable baby, but also can not stop the north to leave the home of the reality of the nose. A face of injustice at Jackson far away Ma Tianyu was surprised to discover that the universe to force out of the nose in North Jackson ran, staged a classic drama "the absence of the station". A drop of a drop of tears appeal to the heart to give up, but the tears of the horse is still handsome three year old to suffocation. As the saying goes, man should be put down, but Jackson charm too, Obama just hold up the sky, but can’t put down! Full is a combination of routine program group really want to break up this love "cosmic sweet porridge"? More exciting content, please lock this Sunday night 20:00 Tencent video "let go of my nose", the last day of the home of the north to ensure you moved to tears! (commissioning editor Wu Yaxiong and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: