Korean cars, whether it has been independent brands to catch up? Sohu car actually say what the Korean car, which is a modern KIA brand car. Can rely on the strength of an enterprise to fight all over the world, from a faction, it is not easy. Over the past two or three years, whenever I drive to some of the best brand new car, my heart will think: independent brands have been close to or surpass Korean cars in many ways. Some people in the industry analysis: the rise of the independent brand of the most afraid of, that is, Korean brands. But last week to open the two modern collar (one of the 1.6, a 1.4T), let me back to reality. This aspect makes me think of a word: "rhythmical". It can be said to represent the highest level of the Korean War — yes and not only do high-end cars in order to show the modern level, KIA is currently in the leading level that power is the most handy. Look around the independent brand camp, I think there is no A-class car can do this level of lead (the more serious that the product is not serious dislocation competition). So I thought of the gap. Specifically, a part of their own brand new car, in the car body level, chassis driving quality, as well as the ultimate control of the tune, there are more than the performance of modern KIA models. One reason is that a lot of independent brands into the advanced production line, and asked the Overseas Engineering Company to help them adjust the chassis. The collar, it is not the body process texture, although the daily chassis is very harmonious and comfortable, but fast fierce point is easily revealed the secret". However, in terms of the complete degree of vehicle power matching, NVH (noise vibration control), as well as human engineering, the Korean car is still much more mature than their own brands. For example, the leading 1.4T dual clutch power system, improve the degree of victory all the current independent brand models. Not to mention the modern KIA in the past few years on the design of the building. Overall, the distance is a lot closer, but it is too early to talk about the real transcendence. At least the independent brand can not like Korean products to open the European market gap that is made of. In fact, I see the price leader (9.28-14.48 million), that is not attractive, this price can buy a new civic, can buy own brand car. But a look at its sales in April, there were more than 1 taiwan. It can be imagined that the Korean car consumer persuasion has not only in the low price. What do you think of this product? We are now in the eyes of the Korean car is what kind of? YYP, senior car critic, test video presenter. YYP want to keep up with the latest developments, please pay attention to the public, "Yan Yupeng – WeChat car speech"; YYP questions and let him personally answer you, please add a public number you CARS ask".相关的主题文章: