Jinjiang Nantian Temple Temple 800 years at home and abroad to return home to celebrate the new believers – Beijing November 24 Jinjiang Xinhua (reporter Sun Hong) 24 days, "Stephen South Buddhist cultural exchanges and south? Buddhist Temple Temple and eight hundred anniversary celebration held in Fujian Jinjiang, attracted from Philippines, Japan and Taiwan, Hongkong Macao, and other countries and regions of the thousands of believers gongxiangshengju. Founded in 1216 the South Temple, also called "stone Buddha Temple", in Fujian province’s largest carved stone statues and renowned Taiwanese, Mingchi overseas, in May 2013 was listed as key cultural relics protection units China. The construction of the temple for 800 years, the Southern Dynasties witnessed the temple, also after the war of invasion. Is the war, let my father and the South Temple forged indissoluble bound." To attend the celebration of Philippines well-known overseas Chinese, Philippines chamber of Commerce honorary president Cai Congmiao told reporters, 60 years ago, his father Cai Yufeng in order to escape the war, to make a wish South Temple three stone Buddha statue, "if you can successfully reach overseas, as the stone installation cast some day in the future". In 1961, in order to fulfill the promise of the former Cai Yufeng returned home, but that the stone had been set for cultural relics, can not be changed. In the local government’s permission, Cai Yufeng donated built new Fodian, and add the eighteen arhats. After the temple was destroyed in the period of the cultural revolution, Cai Yufeng heard the news again in 1982 for reconstruction. Philippines well-known overseas Chinese, Philippines chamber of Commerce Cai Congmiao Permanent Honorary President in South Temple eight hundred anniversary celebration speech. Photo by Sun Hong according to the record, the Southern Song Dynasty prefect of Quanzhou Wang Shipeng book "Stephen Southern Buddhist" four characters in the South Cliff temple, the temple is famous at home and abroad, and Fujian mingchi. Japan? Has many temples, also known as the "local Springs South india". The history of "Quanzhou Buddhist faith" through the maritime Silk Road spread to Japan, has a profound origin. The South Temple abbot and mountain master told reporters that the celebration of "Buddhism spread eastward fuso. This method not only has a long history "as the theme, again promoting the Sino Japanese Buddhist cultural exchange, also based on" Hester "starting point, look at the" The Belt and Road "at home and abroad, believers together, to the Dharma is like" Stephen South India "Grand Millennium return. She said that the next will further explore the Buddhist culture, Buddhist culture better to go out". Vice president of the Buddhist Association of Fujian province the monk (left) on behalf of the Buddhist Association of Fujian province to the Japanese Buddhist circles presented commemorative gifts. Photo by Sun Hong as an important starting point for the ancient "maritime Silk Road", Quanzhou Buddhism and the Marine Silk Road along the countries and regions of Buddhism have the profound friendship method. In the afternoon at the Buddhist cultural exchange forum, experts and scholars, Buddhists and followers of Buddhism cultural heritage and have a joyous gathering, talked about the development of Buddhism in Quanzhou, hot "The Belt and Road" in the construction of how to play their own history, culture and folk identity advantage, make contribution to. (end)相关的主题文章: