Ji’nan, a 78 year old unattended hungry eat cotton quilt (Figure) – Night Beijing two days before the Qilu Evening News, heard the barking of the dog, Mr. Lu suddenly surprised the tenant sat up and dressed on the back of the cabin run. The old lady will not have something? Mr. Lu pushed open a small wooden door, turned on the light and walked slowly towards the old man’s bed. Touch, the old man has a weak breathing. Mr. Lu did not know how long the old man can live, he has mercy on the elderly, but helpless. In June this year, the old man’s son-in-law into the prison, the family did not have a source of income; and the only able to take care of the elderly daughter was hospitalized a week ago. The old man skinny only thirty pounds of Flyover District of Ji’nan Huang Gang Ling village, one on the network map to search the place, and the Kowloon District adjacent days. If the tenant is not Mr. Lu to lead the way, it is difficult to find. Through the day Fuyuan a slope not far west district, a few bungalows in front of. The narrow sand road filled with garbage, low crude brick, dull yellow wall, with the surrounding residential buildings are misfits. The old man was very thin and curled up in the corner of the bed. Reporter Shi Peilei photo Mr. Lu said that most people have moved out of the village, live in the building, only a few families still live here. "It’s dirty and messy, and nobody wants to rent it." Mr. Lu said he was doing business in the vicinity, barely lived here for more than three years, rented a landlord house. He pointed to the house and said the landlord’s old man, Wang Shumei, lived in the back yard. "You need to be prepared before you go in." Lu said. Reporters follow Mr. Lu came to the backyard, the door is long gone, only the cracking of the frame, the ground is lumbered with broken rotten stool sofa cushion. The yard put basin, bucket (inside the water smells) and bicycle random items, there are two houses, the king old man lived in a side room well. Is this house, if not witnessed, it is difficult to imagine now there are people living in this environment." The doors creaked open, the room was dark, no lights. "See, she’s there." Mr. Lu pointed and said, "over there." In a dirty empty bed, in a corner of the bed, the rolled up sheets, Wang Shumei curled up, looks like a child of four or five years old. Bedside cabinets, ragged clothes, piled up a "Shou" and in this less than ten square meters of the house, the debris is especially large. A musty smell in the room made people feel suffocated. In bed, the old man’s white hair scattered, eyes closed. Mr. Lu whispered the old man, and the room was silent. "She was so thin that she could not eat the last few days." The house next to the old man was the residence of his daughter and son-in-law. Through the glass, no decent furniture, pots and pans heap on the table is covered with dust. "Even if we live in the countryside, it will not be so." Mr. Lu said that the old man was only more than and 30 pounds thin. He lit a cigarette and said it was hard to imagine an old man living in today’s society. "I’m so hungry that I’ve eaten all the cotton in the quilt." Old man double"相关的主题文章: