Jianyang two years of poverty alleviation Chengdu city finance every village to 3 million Li Kaihong drawing to ensure the realization of the impoverished village poverty in 2017 all poverty of precise poverty, accurate poverty is central fight poverty battle, to ensure the realization of a major decision to deploy the target of building a moderately prosperous society. Last year, the city of Chengdu on the development of a high standard of poverty alleviation and development programs, through the construction of five major cities to promote poverty alleviation and development work. The municipal financial arrangements for the annual 50 million yuan of special funds for poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation and development, and reveal the policies for the implementation of urban and rural residents. In 2015, the per capita disposable income of poor rural farmers reached 12453 yuan, more than doubled by the end of 2012. This year, on the basis of the complete elimination of absolute poverty, Chengdu will be the poverty line is defined as the per capita disposable income of farmers is less than ten thousand yuan, the inverted one hundred million households in the village of relatively poor households, poor households. Such a "line", for this year to join the Chengdu "big family" in Jianyang could "sync"? The director of Chengdu Municipal Agricultural Commission on poverty alleviation and Development Department Wang Jinzeng said, taking into account the specific circumstances of Jianyang and Chengdu city mission, Chengdu finally established in two steps. The first step is to "accelerate"". In accordance with the original arrangements for poverty alleviation in Jianyang, in three years, that is, by the end of 2018 to achieve full poverty. Today, Chengdu city in accordance with the provincial government on poverty alleviation of the unified deployment, this will enhance the speed of poverty, will ensure that by 2017 89 of Jianyang province impoverished village, 15911 poor households, 46338 national standards all the rural poor out of poverty, 2018 fully integrated into the high standard of Chengdu City, the process of poverty alleviation and development. Wang Jinzeng said that this is to avoid the emergence of two standards in Jianyang, the group of two. The second step is to raise the standard". That is, by 2018, Chengdu will start a new round of poverty alleviation and development, will be based on the specific circumstances of the delineation of the new poverty line, and Jianyang will be synchronized with the Chengdu line, uniform standards. The mud village within two years will become standard cement road in Chengdu city will strengthen the policy fallback basic, promote industrial advance and promote development, improve infrastructure and promote sharing, contiguous overall planning "group." the new village construction, industrial development, infrastructure, public services and ecological protection measures to ensure that the city of Chengdu and Jianyang in 2020. Synchronous high standard comprehensive well-off society. According to the August introduction of the "opinions" on accelerating the implementation of poverty alleviation in Jianyang City, from July 1, 2016 onwards, according to the Chengdu city circle of three standards, implementation of urban and rural residents in Jianyang and the minimum standard of compensation standard way "double unified, full coverage", by the Chengdu financial subsidies. At the same time, Chengdu will promote the Jianyang city and Chengdu City medical insurance for urban and rural residents, the "5+1" medical assistance, medical assistance and other disabled urban and rural medical insurance assistance mode full merger, to avoid poverty caused by illness. The living environment is poor, the ecological environment is fragile, do not have the basic conditions and the development of living is too scattered, infrastructure and public service facilities to the local, Chengdu will formulate poverty alleviation relocation plan, the completion of the Jianyang city "in 13th Five-Year."相关的主题文章: