Japan’s domestic airliner MRJ fifth postponed delivery orders would have been cancelled in October 8, according to Japanese media reports, Japan’s domestic passenger jet "Japan’s MITSUBISHI heavy industries, a subsidiary of MITSUBISHI aircraft being developed by MRJ" "difficult" state. The company has notified customers that it will delay delivery, which is the fifth time MITSUBISHI has postponed. Reported that the first aircraft scheduled for mid 2018 to deliver the ANA holding may be postponed to 2019 after delivery. Nearly half of the orders received by MITSUBISHI aircraft can be canceled contracts, development delays are causing the risk of cancellation of orders increased. MITSUBISHI aircraft in order to delay the time to a minimum, is currently being discussed in the development of some mass production machine. The MRJ order is currently about 450, but only a little more than half of the orders have been identified. Rival Brazil Aviation Industry Corp is currently developing competitive models that can be delivered in 2020. It is reported that, MRJ has been 100 days from the United States to obtain confirmation of the order of West Airlines orders, with the option to purchase another 100. The Brazil aviation industry competition models also received the same number of orders, the purchase of some of the two companies will be accounted for half. July, MITSUBISHI aircraft and the Swedish leasing company Rockton to buy up to 20 MRJ reached a basic agreement, but Rockton also said that if the development of MRJ continues to postpone, then the right to purchase the 10 will be adjusted". MITSUBISHI aircraft in 2008 decided to carry out MRJ business. Originally scheduled for 2013 delivery of the first aircraft. Japanese media pointed out that the development of the aircraft for the world’s large companies is not easy. For example, Boeing 2011 navigable medium "B787", has repeatedly postponed delivery to All Nippon Airways holding the first plane. Due to the development of the relevant business and production costs are often significantly higher than expected, it is considered prone to loss.相关的主题文章: