The business sector to remind: buy collectibles need to be cautious of Xinhua news agency in Ji’nan on November 3rd news (reporter Shao Luwen) at the end of the year is approaching, the recent part of the collection investment company held by the collection of appreciation, auction and other forms, to sell new year commemorative coins and other items. Business sector tips, some of the actual value of the collection and the amount of money does not match, consumers do not blindly follow the trend, to prevent deception. According to the Jining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the recent "12315" consumer complaints hotline received many consumer complaints consulting, reflect the purchase of a lunar new year commemorative coins, commemorative coins, jade monkey exclusive collection, doubt their own interests. The business sector said that part of its collection investment company mainly for elderly people, with some consumers eager to find wealth, cheap psychology, exaggerated propaganda collection value, leading consumers to buy collectibles and the actual value of the amount of money spent is not serious, even the purchase price is far higher than the market price. To remind the business sector, any investment risk, consumers in the purchase of the collection before, to in-depth investigation, to buy time to communicate with family consultation, don’t head blindly, to prevent unnecessary loss.相关的主题文章: