Indoorsman sexy goddess hearts and according to cheat? This small pot is too Qiangjing… Give up the elephants do not understand Japanese entertainment students a science down down down agent Kojima Haruna, a member of AKB48, the total runoff this year has announced to graduate! First, to recognize a familiar face down down down a crooked floor, many fans expected graduation also announced it, after all, Kojima Haruna is also 28 years old, the age is not dominant. But! Popular or some, it can be said that the popularity is not bad! Belong to the good shape of the good! Although late, but face or a girl feeling! People think that red is her. A little sexy and glamorous. Before she went to Hongkong to participate in an event, but also a red dress debut! The fans scream.. In short, as long as Kojima Haruna a drying photos, fans are basically this reaction! Oh, guys can not sleep ah! Coupled with the beginning of the year and Saito Ku in a large issue of "NANA", it became a hin Indoorsman goddess of the heart. Probably most people will be in the heart of OS: please send me a girl like this!!! Of course, because Kojima Haruna often bask in sexy photos on INS has also been a lot of criticism. For example, this year is the year of the monkey, Kojima Haruna ins in the drying out of the picture, the focus is not the face, but ah!!! So, some people boast sexy cute, and some people say nausea. Then a group of photographs in the magazine was approved to poison teenagers… And today’s news is still around her figure, because the image of Kojima Haruna’s sexy goddess shattered!!! In the recorded program is such a figure, a small pot down down down but especially to steal the spotlight from this picture of CF, the difference but the difference is not too much! This figure is also not understand why, don’t belong to a meal belly swells? But Kojima Haruna’s body is not the first time fans Tucao it.. Before she went to Okinawa to travel on the ins photos of fans said she should lose weight… When the sun posed by spoilers on the ins friends despise thick legs… It’s hard to be a female artist! Especially the Indoorsman sexy goddess… Figure was a little different, fans of a broken heart… This article from the WeChat public number Sina entertainment more exciting content please pay attention @ Sina micro plastic (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: