Indonesia’s counter-terrorism strength will be additional funding to purchase new anti-terrorism forces February net new weapons – in 22, according to foreign media reported on 22, the Indonesia government will adjust the budget, an additional $140 million for anti-terrorism forces, to buy weapons, equipment and complete the 88 anti terrorist task force of the new headquarters building the project, to strengthen counter-terrorism strength. Reported that the new headquarters of Indonesia 88 anti-terrorism task force is located in the south of the capital Jakarta police headquarters in Jakarta range, is expected to be enabled at the end of this year. The new headquarters of the anti terrorist forces started construction as early as 10 years ago, but only 80% of the projects have been completed since the former government reduced the allocation of police funds. Police chief Bud Rodin said the extra funding would be used to buy more advanced equipment and facilities, as well as recruiting and training more counterterrorism personnel. "We have to upgrade their expertise every year, and keep pace with the times. There are a lot of techniques that have to be improved, including surveillance and early detection. Furthermore, the technology is changing rapidly, and the modus operandi of terrorists has been changing rapidly." Last week, the political, legal and security coordinating minister Luhut announced that the government will allocate $140 million to buy with anti-terrorism forces. The terrorist attacks in Bali Island in 2002, which killed more than 200 people and injured hundreds of terrorists in Indonesia, has repeatedly launched terrorist attack, the authorities then formally established in 2004 88 Joint Terrorism task force. In January this year, Jakarta terrorist attack event, once again draw attention to the anti-terrorism forces, prompting the Indonesian government through increased funding and revision of laws, to strengthen counter-terrorism efforts. Terrorism task force to hunt and maneuver brigade terrorist suspects Santoso at present, 88 Joint Terrorism task forces are teaming up with the Indonesian national army and police mobile brigade in Sulawesi province county (Poso), Pozo Indonesia domestic terrorist organization "East Indonesia Allah Islamic guerrilla" (MIT) launched a massive assault and arrests. This in the beginning of this year, named "Nong mention Bala ‘(Operation Tinombala) of the joint operation, the main goal is to the east of Indonesia Allah Islamic guerrilla leader Santoso (Santoso). The authorities last year launched several large-scale raids on Santoso, but nothing. The authorities believe Santoso headquarters in the county is provided to Bala Pozo mountain. Indonesian police mobile brigade director Murad pointed out that the raid Santoso and its allies action is facing many challenges, including their hiding in the rolling mountain terrain, is not easy to detect, climate and mountain cold hinder the search. He also said that the most commonly used gimmick and henchmen Santoso is mixed with the local community, influence people, and most of the residents for fear of reprisals and killed, even found their whereabouts to the police are rarely reported. "Most people feel threatened, and they think they’ll be killed if they go too close to the police."

印尼加强反恐实力 将额外拨款给反恐部队购武器-中新网   中新网2月22日电 据外媒22日报道,印度尼西亚政府将在调整财政预算案时,额外拨款1.4亿美元给反恐部队,以购买武器、配备及完成88反恐特遣部队新总部的建筑工程,加强反恐实力。   报道称,印尼88反恐特遣部队的新总部位于首都雅加达南部的雅加达警察总部范围内,预料将在今年底启用。反恐部队新总部早在10年前就开始动工,但因为之前政府减少警队拨款,导致工程至今只完成80%。   警察总长巴德罗丁说,这笔额外拨款将用来购置更先进的装备与设施,以及招聘和培训更多的反恐人员。“我们必须每年提升他们(反恐部队)的专业,与时并进。有很多技术(必须提升),包括监视和早期侦查。再说,科技日新月异,(恐怖分子的)作案手法也一直在快速的变化。”   上周,政治、法律和安全统筹部长卢胡特宣布,政府将拨款1.4亿美元给反恐部队添购配备。   2002年巴厘岛发生恐怖爆炸案,导致200多人死亡,数百人受伤后,恐怖分子一再在印尼发动恐袭,当局于是在2004年正式成立88反恐特遣部队。今年1月雅加达恐袭事件,再次唤起人们对反恐部队的关注,促使印尼政府通过增加拨款及修订法律,加强反恐力度。   反恐特遣部队与机动旅联手追捕恐怖嫌犯桑托索   目前,88反恐特遣部队正与印尼国民军及警方机动旅联手,在中苏拉威西省的波索县(Poso),针对印尼本土恐怖组织“东印尼真主伊斯兰游击队”(MIT)展开大规模突击及逮捕行动。   这项于今年初开始、名为“提弄巴拉”(Operation Tinombala)的联合行动,主要目标是东印尼真主伊斯兰游击队的头目桑托索(Santoso)。当局去年也曾对桑托索展开多次大规模搜捕行动,但都无功而返。当局相信桑托索的大本营就在提弄巴拉是波索县内的山区。   印尼警方机动旅主任穆拉德指出,搜捕桑托索及其党羽的行动面临诸多挑战,包括他们匿藏在地形延绵起伏的山区,不易被察觉,及山区寒冷的气候阻碍搜捕工作。   他也说,桑托索及党羽最常用的手法是混入地方社区,潜移默化地影响民众,而大多数居民因为害怕遭报复及杀害,即便发现他们的行踪也很少向警方投报。“大部分民众觉得受威胁,认为如果和警察走得太近,就会被杀害。”相关的主题文章: