Incite "Anti China" has the responsibility to extinguish flame Cai Yingwen Taiwan Beijing China "16 times" editorial said that from 2014 the sun flower event to deliberate manipulation of the political figures, the "anti" atmosphere repeatedly heaped up, serious negative effect of malicious manipulation of the party to start emerge. The contents of the article excerpts are as follows: not only the mainland authorities and the Taiwan authorities in the "cold cross-strait confrontation", official communication interruption, Taiwan society intensified the "anti" peak, also stimulated, the mood of the people, the formation of the mainland’s Taiwan Work pressure. Male three missiles and mistakenly shot the mainland tour car fire killed 24 innocent Chinese tourists died, the Cai Yingwen administration unresponsive even more deep, public indifference, suspicion, and various conspiracy theories derived from misunderstanding and rumors, rapidly fermented in the network, so that people from the mainland "anti taiwan" linear warming. Mainland public opinion from the "Taiwan is the most beautiful scenery of the people" affirmative sentence, "Taiwan is the most beautiful scenery of the people?" Interrogative sentence or even negative sentence. As a result, the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan cliff to collapse, forcing the Taiwan island including hotels, travel, tour buses, tour guides and other 11 industrial unions, There was no parallel in history. went to the street; such as deed for milkfish fishery products were broken off the land, taking Tainan milkfish as an example, the past year sales of 2000 tons of land. Create 150 million (NT, the same below) value, the ruling party after the odd, Tainan is the pan rail ticket area, in the face of unsustainable livelihoods, angry fishermen burned the DPP party anger. This is not the worst, the horse came to power, not easy to accumulate on both sides of the good intentions were once lost, more and more people from the mainland, don’t say to "Taiwan independence" offensive, even "peaceful reunification" of the 4 words almost did not go on. Investigate its source, which makes it? Have to say, the initiator of evil, the DPP political figures. For the manufacturing of "ugly" and "fear", and successfully in the green camp planted Taiwan Taiwan’s "anti pest disaster" and "revenge" seed. "Ugly in" most "notorious" is the 2008 camp Hsieh shot the campaign. "Find our work to check a cha Fu, find our child to go to Heilongjiang, looking for?!" In the newspaper published a man in the park, urinating ads, Xie Changting and Ma Ying-Jeou, Xiao Wanchang advocated cross-strait economic and trade simplified as a "market", and that if women to give birth to babies, children tied to Heilongjiang, "the burden of sin", "without a horse is not in the industry". "Fear of China", the Laiqing said the 2008 cross-strait direct flights will result in "Trojan horse" is the most representative. Although Lai Qingde in the years after the explanation of this is a quote from the Taiwan authorities "Department of defense" report, but was released on Trojan horse, making bad motives in fear of the atmosphere, it is an indisputable fact. Cai Yingwen has always been considered as a relatively moderate, but also in 2008, when Chen Yunlin came to Taiwan to visit, led the DPP to fight, causing bloodshed. Even the same year ARATS vice chairman Zhang Mingqing in Tainan to visit, is the DPP Wang Dingyu down, injured the image of Taiwan. At that time as DPP party chairman Cai Yingwen, did not review the violence of the party’s public office, the anti batch of Zhang Mingqing to Tainan, if not.相关的主题文章: