In those years, give up to receive the Nobel prize "great coffee" — Sichuan channel: original title: in those years, give up to receive the Nobel prize "coffee" comprehensive report, the 2016 annual Nobel award was announced, since October 3rd 13, Nobel prize in American folk artist Bob Dylan, lead? Hot. Since 1901, the Nobel prize has been awarded for more than a century, hundreds of outstanding contributions in various fields were commended, and received a lot of money. However, some people did not receive this honor, what is the reason behind? Sutter: always declined official honor] French writer Sutter. (source: Agence France-Presse) in 1964, was awarded the Nobel prize for literature of the famous French writer Jean? Paul? Sutter, the reason is that "his works full of rich ideas, the spirit of freedom and the quest for the truth, has great influence on our times". However, Sutter immediately issued a statement, refused to accept the award. In fact, in that Sutter was nominated for the Nobel prize for literature, once wrote to decline. However, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided the award to Sutter. Sutter insists on his own idea, saying, "my refusal is not a sudden and abrupt action, I have always refused to honor the official." Sutter said in a statement, prompted him to make this decision for two reasons, from the personal factors, he believes that all he could accept the honor, will make his readers face "unnecessary" pressure. If he signs "let Paul Sutter", it is different from the concept of "the winner of the award given by the Paul?" by the "winner of the prize, the order of the – year – old", which is different from that of the "winner of the prize", by the name of "the winner of the order of the people of the Republic of China", by the name of "the winner of the. From an objective point of view, Sutter believes that he can not accept any honor on behalf of the West or the East any high-level cultural institutions granted. In addition, Nobel prize money for Sutter, is also a very heavy burden". [Jelinek]: there is no admission qualification in 2004, the Swedish Academy will be awarded the Nobel prize for literature writers in Austria Elfride? Jelinek, the reason is: "her novels and plays with musical rhythm, her works are full of passion with extraordinary language reveals the social phenomenon and the stale force be a wild legend." Jelinek is the tenth woman to win the Nobel prize for literature, the main works include "piano teacher", "female lovers", "we are liars, baby", "lust" and so on. Among them, the "piano teacher" has been adapted to become more familiar with the film. Although Jelinek did not reject the Nobel prize itself, but in the second day of winning a statement, announced that he would not go to Stockholm to receive this honor. Nobel prize in literature, one of the judges, said Horace, learned that he won the prize, the first sentence is, "I can not go to get the prize, I have social phobia, do not want to comment on the people of the people’s Republic of China in."." Jelinek gave two reasons not to go to Stockholm to accept the reasons: first, poor health; second, she thinks he is not eligible相关的主题文章: