"If the snail has love" the new version of the poster exposure figure cited guess side write notes of Wang Kai rolling on the floor of the snail adorable out of the sky! Tencent Penguin film and entertainment news by the midday sun pictures CO produced, written by Zhu Zhu, Hou Hongliang, Zhou open director, producer Fang Fang, adapted from the novel of the same name of the TV series Ding ink "if love" snail has today announced the "parallel planet" version of the poster. The poster Wang Kai, Wang Ziwen starred in both the lion and the snail incarnation of animal, in stark contrast to the lion and the snail slow Guaiqiao domineering filling. The style is fresh and warm, on the characters of offbeat side write, show the sweet feeling. From the perspective of profilers to shape the "parallel planet" TV drama "if snails have love" tells the story of a police captain and psychological profilers during the investigation has their love story. Wang Kai in the play resolutely, repeatedly broken evaluated police captain bahls, Wang Ziwen plays not to play by the rules of genius profilers Xu xu. It is reported that the poster image of the animal from the other side of the role of Xu Xu wrote portrait. In her eyes, everyone has an image of the animal in line with the characteristics of the character, and to form a parallel world like animal planet. Bahls overbearing heroic feelings towards tactics, and playfully the lion image is exactly the same; Xu Xu and his treatment sentiment as snail slow. The cartoon reveals little girl clumsy in penmanship warmth, just as the word is full of posters as dreamy and romantic atmosphere: "our planet, only the eyes of the weak, will let a good love, pouring out from the eyes." Xu Xu is the police and the new Yao Meng (Xu Yueshi), alongside bahls Zhao Han (Yu Hengshi), the character is not the same for members of the police force, or their perseverance or confused, brave have fear, keep a common belief, in danger of four volts in the dark to break off. What is the image of the parallel with the planet which corresponds to the animal, the answer will be announced one by one in the series, it is worth looking forward to. The lion in tension and romantic drama snails coexist "if snails have love", and love Sherlock parallel. The trailer had previously exposed in the play, Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen on the exploration of unraveling the truth, and the melee walk on the line of life and death, exciting. The announcement of the parallel planet poster is rich in talk about love warm heart romantic atmosphere. The unusual role, otherwise the workplace, suspense action reasoning elements, sweet pet love wind have become the show out of the ordinary. Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen old partner will bring what surprises, many TV fans have expressed great expectations. It is reported that the play will be landing in October this year, Tencent video, please look forward to.相关的主题文章: