I started laughing comedy talent "conference room" gorgeous regression – Sohu entertainment   "laughter room" Sohu gorgeous regression entertainment had to accompany us through countless lonely night, created many popular verse of "love to laugh" will be magnificent return meeting room! Love to laugh team is a top comedy original base, has trained numerous comedy talent, this will be a national auditions, recruiting new members. Open the comedy audition mode! Live auditions new, new mode of play, only to find your true talent — comedy! "Love to laugh" funny meeting room take you fly with you ~ "laughter room" quality return fans eagerly look forward to "love to laugh" is the first meeting room Chinese comedy drama performance short broadcast team, launched its namesake close comedy drama video by the network launched, the popular network playback volume has been high burst. The actor expression humorous way of original, won industry acclaim, original comedytracks also won many viewers, Xiao Xu, Sudbury, Fat Dragon many other big coffee comedy is known to every family here! But this return, fans are looking forward to! Quality assurance and the content is king, "laughter room comedy" is a stream, absolutely let you laugh. "~ laughter room" the talented people "the main purpose of the audition not sticking to formalities" laughter room the live auditions, is a nationwide auditions comedy talent, looking for real funny play, absorb to become a new member of brother love to laugh. But the audition requirements can be said there is no requirement, no matter you are not trained, learn not learned from the show, as long as you love funny, satin hand physique, with humor, performing an explosion can whenever and wherever possible to add their own play, instant hold live the whole scene, let everyone you love to laugh is uproarious, looking for talent! If you have confidence can laugh proud warlords, "laughter room" waiting for you to challenge! For details, please check the poster, we love to laugh in the meeting room "cheap""!相关的主题文章: