"Hundreds of red" has 33 fugitives were arrested cost restrict new network bottleneck – (according to the Commission of the Ministry of supervision website, as of September 2016 September 23rd) Zhang Xuehui inaugurated the drawing of the group of twenty (G20) anti-corruption research center and the "pursuit of stolen goods in the group of twenty senior anti-corruption pursuit ZhuiZang principle" group of twenty "2017-2018 anti-corruption action plan", the principle, mechanism of action, "three-in-one" of the international anti-corruption new pattern. Under the new situation, China anti-corruption pursuit ZhuiZang will usher in what challenges and opportunities? How to overcome the differences in national political and legal system to carry out close cooperation and cooperation to find the common denominator? Reporters interviewed experts and scholars in the field. In addition to the bottleneck due to political system, cultural tradition, value concept and legal system on the differences, the high cost of pursuit has become a major bottleneck in the pursuit of overseas pursuit ZhuiZang work in our country, people are chasing. ZhuiZang, chase the money and materials. 9 ways of the Central Commission for discipline inspection site was declassified in China Overseas pursuit stolen goods. International cooperation in pursuit of stolen goods in the main way is the pursuit of extradition, repatriation of illegal immigrants, prosecution offsite, persuaded to return four; the main approach is ZhuiZang through bilateral treaties on judicial assistance in criminal or extradition treaty for stolen goods, stolen money in the country where the proceeds of crime by law or other domestic law to recover stolen goods, stolen goods, by foreign civil litigation the use of illegal income confiscated program the provisions of the criminal procedure law of stolen goods. From the Commission of the Ministry of supervision website information display, as of September this year, "hundreds of red" over 33 were arrested. In the arrest of the flight personnel, most is to achieve the successful pursuit of the quanfan way, real through international judicial cooperation and law enforcement cooperation, such as the use of extradition, prosecution offsite, forced repatriation means the successful pursuit of the case only a few, such as Li Huabo case, the case of Yang jianjun. Wang Xiumei G20, executive director of anti-corruption pursuit ZhuiZang research center that, in addition to the national political system, cultural tradition, value concept and legal system on the differences, the high cost of pursuit has become a major bottleneck restricting China’s overseas pursuit stolen goods. "Whether the pursuit of overseas or outside of stolen goods, need to be combined with other countries, to carry out part of the criminal judicial procedure in his country, it will inevitably involve personnel from, witnesses, investigation and evidence collection, document translation, professional personnel hiring and other procedures cumbersome, requires a lot of money as a basis pay a high cost." Wang Xiumei said that this cost, and sometimes even beyond the amount of criminal suspects bribery. Although China and foreign countries have concluded a large number of treaties involving extradition, criminal judicial assistance and other matters, but the probability of judicial reference to these international treaties is not high. "Part of the handling of departments and personnel of foreign language level is not high, very little about international cooperation in legal system of knowledge, lack of understanding of the relevant rules and the pursuit ZhuiZang mechanism, do not know the evidence collection, collation and evidence materials according to the provisions of the treaty based translation work, can’t put forward in line with the other provisions of the law to recover these requests give me the border)相关的主题文章: