Hunan CPPCC members from "Anti Japanese War library"   books free to borrow – Culture – original title: Hunan CPPCC members from "Anti Japanese War" library books free to borrow library of Anti Japanese war. Chen Haoli pupil representatives on behalf of the war veterans offered flowers Zhang Mojian. Chen Haoli photo award. Chen Haoli photo Beijing Changsha (Chen Haoli Yuan Ying) in September 2, the Anti Japanese War library by the Hunan provincial CPPCC members Yujun where individual proprietorship founded 2 in Yuelu District opened Changsha. It is reported that this is the only one in Hunan province to the Anti Japanese war as the theme of the civil self built library. During the Anti Japanese War outside the library, unified placed on the Anti Japanese war propaganda board, hanging the primary school students to celebrate the 71 anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese hand crafted copy. Hall on the first floor of the walls of every kind of calligraphy, painting the Dan book make a solemn atmosphere. The library consists of five layers, an area of nearly 1000 square meters, is divided into "the victory of the war theme painting area" and "the victory of the war theme paper-cut works", "the victory of the war theme library area three exhibition, the existing historical books and historical data of more than 5 books, including the acquisition of Japan from the historical war books more than 6 thousand books can provide free loan service. What Yujun revealed that the library of nearly more than 50 thousand books have spent millions of dollars, but the amount of books is not enough, the work is still carried out to collect books. On the same day, two students represent over the nine year war veteran Zhang Mojian flowers. I hope you remember old history, make efforts, and strive for the rise of the Chinese nation. In order to encourage the war Library Volunteer Service Act, Zhuang University Lei Feng volunteer service force, Changsha Yuelu District civilization awarded "the victory of the war of Anti Japanese War library library Lei Feng volunteer service station" title, and issued with "fostering new Cheng Yuelu context? Lei Feng volunteer" special issue of volunteer service card. Residents can go to the library with this card for voluntary service. (end) (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: