"Hummingbird" TV broadcasting budding actress Zhang Jianing interpretation of the spy "attack" hummingbird big drama set 1-50 full plot Finale Trailer willow Hawick Lau Tencent get entertainment new strength flowers Zhang Jianing recently starring Spy Drama "hummingbird attack" in Heilongjiang satellite TV broadcast partner Hawick Lau, Li Xirui, Mao Yi, and other actors about wind sword in the fire love and hate, the broadcast will harvest the attention. Zhang Jianing turned a lovely angel, beautiful appearance is full of courage and wit. The role is also just a soft feature of the perfect performance, deep audience favorite. Zhang Jianing "two faces" show acting role changes online "heart attack" hummingbird captured the audience is the "sparrow" and later with the type of works. The actor Yan values, acting continuously online adds more attraction for the show, the upsurge in the launch date, November has become popular, the audiences and attention of a drama. Zhang Jianing plays Lu Yameng, the wheel of fate slowly undergoing reversal, life changes in turn the world upside down and lively, she in the fire off for the British wit red warrior, and Hawick Lau’s love of the road becomes more twists and turns. Many viewers said Zhang Jianing whether it is naive, or heroic side, people are very happy, have a manual point of praise, acclaim. Zhang Jianing grew beautiful metamorphosis of zero scandal by acting talk since his debut, Zhang Jianing with pure fresh appearance, with skillful and natural acting, harvest half sugar girl of the title, in the life of her pure and lovely, work conscientiously, from "good times" the daughter-in-law of Pan Meili in Wenzhou, "one family" in his Hehe, "naked marriage" in the green seedlings after, the young doctor in "Ai Xiaotian", now the "hummingbird" attack, grow step by step, portrays a vivid three-dimensional image of the screen, she is also from the actress gradually grew to carry the beam of the heroine, female the main image has filmed the "sea and clouds" and "sword of the Han cloud" two big costume IP, but she constantly challenge themselves recognized the best proof; during this period, Zhang Jia Ning no negative news, intentnesses concentrate on acting, down-to-earth work has achieved good results by, also won the audience’s affection for her. Zhang Jianing opened the screen mode challenge to all kinds of roles hard-edged acting has been highly praised the audience the strength of flowers Zhang Jianing, not only in the "hummingbird" attack with outstanding performance, in the upcoming broadcast of the "tiger father" on "Jiangcheng police" as for the heroine, which shaped the different personalities of the characters, and also contributed very much wonderful acting, described as a screen mode, be worthy of the name of a new generation of screen flowers, this is enough to prove that her for the role of the ability to grasp and the industry for her for sure. Believe that these diverse roles will bring the audience a surprise after another, so that the audience can see the infinite possibilities.相关的主题文章: