Hubei import and export enterprises will enjoy the "Internet plus quality inspection" to facilitate customs clearance recently, e-CIQ will be on the line in the Hubei area the whole interview operation. On line one week, the purpose of the inspection of goods clearance time from the original 3 to 5 days shrink to 1 days. Last year, the State Administration of Quality Supervision identified the e-CIQ2000 integrated business management system based on electronic reporting, electronic supervision, electronic discharge of the main content of China’s electronic inspection and quarantine construction pattern. In the future, the three key points of inspection and quarantine port information construction, that is, the construction of e-CIQ backbone system, the integration of inspection and quarantine and the inspection and quarantine port supervision mode innovation. E-CIQ main system to centralized technology, big data support, through the full integration of existing resources, data and application of highly integrated system, the realization of "bulletin, pass inspection, through put, to achieve a unified, centralized interconnection", formed a new integrated supervision mode of the whole process, full service, full coverage of the cross administration the area of the district and inter agency business. According to reports, the main e-CIQ system will give Hubei import and export enterprise to bring the convenience of three: one is from the enterprise at the port of destination, and the origin and the two port inspection troubles, saves the manpower and material resources, enhance the level of trade facilitation; two is a system of inspection business coverage, covering the import and export of goods exit, packaging and quarantine objects carried by passengers, mail interception testing, empty container inspection to the entry-exit inspection and quarantine service, convenient enterprise electronic declaration; three is to comprehensively promote the paperless inspection and quarantine inspection and quarantine, achieving the paperless, greatly enhance the efficiency of customs clearance. (Changjiang Daily)相关的主题文章: