Huang Xiaoming instead of Hu Ge, Liyan Tong replaced by the next of the… "Langya 2" do you still see? As of 2015 the phenomenal hit drama, the audience are looking forward to the "second" Nirvana in Fire cast. More than ten last night, the Langya list director Hou Hongliang quietly issued a micro-blog. Su brother first forwarded! Despite the fact that Hu Ge has Nirvana in Fire ciyan "2", but she saw "see every day" still have a glimmer of hope. At 10 o’clock this morning, "2" ("Nirvana in Fire Nirvana in Fire the wind Lin") cast is released. With the director revealed before the same caliber, "Nirvana in Fire 2" is a new story, the story after the jump to the Jing son of king, Daliang new emperor ascended the throne of more than ten years, Jing Wang and Su Mei Long were dead, but never stop for the rights of former harem, Daliang also fuunsaiki border… He was replaced by Huang Xiaoming, son Xiao Pingzhang and his wife Lin palace in Mongolia Qianxue. Liyan Tong, Xiao Ping starred in his wife Qianxue Mongolia, two people are in particular, and the screen for the first time cooperation. Liu Haoran, Lin Jun, Xiao Long coach Tingsheng son Xiao Ping Jing, at present is a. Xiao Tingsheng and Sun Chun play bone strength by featuring cooperation with Liu Haoran and his son play. Wu Haochen, a young actor, plays another important Royal child, Xiao Yuanqi. Ting Mei, acting as the holding power of the Queen’s palace. Guo Jingfei, as Puyang Ying, opposite Ting Mei. Zhang Bo played in the drama of the Xunzi flying light guide. The ode to joy in "shut" to "cross the niceking Nirvana in Fire" as the Queen’s niece, Ann Xun xun. In Su Jing Wang, brother, Huang Ni princess, all the boats are not in the flow, let the good memories in the classic. For the "Langya 2" lineup, you satisfied with it? Looking forward to it? Will continue to pursue it? Come and younger sister interaction:相关的主题文章: