How to read the Wu Dayu: ten anniversary of Kuang autumn auction to push the works of Wu Dayu in May last year, "Wu Dayu Literature Exhibition" landing Chinese Oil Painting Institute, let this was never held a solo exhibition, did not sell a piece of work, nor published a Book of the master entered the people’s vision. Last week, Beijing Art Museum held a "flight to sweep days: Poetry and painting" Wu Dayu and the way space of "101st world — Wu Dayu" exhibition, and let the public know Wu Dayu as a poet. After the exhibition, most will have this feeling: the state of the art and skill really little, independent personality is far better than the mature skill. People, without seeking and high quality, no desire is just, personality is a valuable vocabulary. Read Mr. Wu Dayu, should first see from the personality. The most important work of his life is his life. Wu Dayu (1903-1988) "to create the self cautiousness personality cautiousness" and "creation" is his distinctive characteristics, understanding these two aspects, is the foundation of Wu Dayu read poetry and painting. Wu Dayu began "I Shendu from 1940, to the solitary deep effect acts Narathiwat hidden" seclusion, seclusion for him, not inaction, but an opportunity. In his seclusion, his mind began to flow, and began to explore the abstract art. Even during the period from 1947 to 1950 at Hangzhou college still fanpin. Wu Dayu and Lin Fengmian Lin Wenzheng, 1950, Wu Dayu dismissed the Hangzhou College faculty. Since then, he really started in the avenue Foch (now Yanan Zhong Lu Bai Hua Xiang) in the old house. After the Cultural Revolution began, the unit has arranged three workers occupied the Wu family housing, his studio was moved to a small attic only ten square meters, but is this "love", Wu Dayu has left more than 2500 pieces of works for later generations, more than 50 words of the manuscript. Wu Dayu literature exhibition site Wall Literature "exclusive" this low since the fall of "Shendu", focuses on the spiritual isolation. 1950s began continuously political movement, fundamentally changed the development path of Chinese modern art, but also profoundly changed the Chinese intellectual’s mind and personality, so that Wu Dayu is not in the "anti rightist" and the so-called cultural revolution, ideological reform movement in college but after the founding of the prc. This has a huge impact on them, some of the old artists in the "holding the tail of the man" also made a part of the creation of a personalized color into the ground. The split between the mask of personality and the inner experience of intellectuals is quite high. In Wu Dayu, we do not feel this division had not felt to the hard environment to complain, the more it is art, the spirit of "Helou there?" A high degree of confidence and persistence. Wu Dayu’s "creation" in his 1956 work "red flower" is equally important and distinctive. In 1979, he met Wu Dayu in Shanghai, and had a brief conversation, and sporadic conversations became an important piece of information about our understanding of the state of mind in his later years, in the year of the year, according to Mr Tao’s memory. Wu Dayu has said that he likes Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, because they are constantly creating.相关的主题文章: