How to get rid of clutter to get the brain into a state of high efficiency? Sometimes we get caught up in the stress and worry of our own lives, and our minds become too chaotic to function effectively. In the case of the exam is especially dangerous. After a few hours of reading and learning, our brains may be overloaded for a long time. It’s necessary to completely clean up your thoughts and get your brain back to normal. But the reality is that it’s not easy to clean up your mind when you’re nervous. So, when your brain is tied to some information overload, try these tips. 1. Set aside at least five minutes of quiet venting time. If you are at school, see if you can lower your head to rest or find an empty room or a quiet place. If necessary, set an alarm clock (or cell phone timing) or ask a friend to pat you on the shoulder and wake you up at the appointed time. 2. Think of a time and place where you can be at peace. This place is different for everyone. Have you ever sit on the beach and watch the waves took over, realize that you have a "trance" for a period of time? A similar experience is what you’re looking for. Other experiences that make us feel relaxed are: sitting in the dark watching the lights of the Christmas tree, do you remember the feeling of peace and peace? Lying in bed at night listening to good music. In cool weather, watching the clouds roll flat flow. 3. Cover your eyes and let you relax. If you prepare a class test in the school, you can just relax two elbows on the table, blindfolded with your hands. For some people, it may not be a good idea to relax. You may fall asleep! Use all your senses to make your experience as real as possible. If you imagine a Christmas tree, and imagine the smell and the tree fell on the wall of the well-proportioned shadows. Don’t let any other thoughts come into your mind. Once you start thinking about the exam questions, clear your mind and focus on what makes you relaxed. 4. Cheer up! Remember, this is not a nap time. The key here is to reactivate your brain. After five to ten minutes of cleaning time, take a brisk walk or drink water to rejuvenate your mind and body. Stay relaxed and refrain from thinking about things that make you feel stressed or blocking your brain. Don’t let your mind go back to stress. It is now possible to enter the exam or study in a relaxed state!相关的主题文章: