Her husband suffering from uremia mother suffering from cancer’s life-saving money stolen took money from the hands of police officers kongshen, Zhang Qin tears, "thank you", for her bad words, really can not find more words to express their heartfelt gratitude. Zhang Qin’s family was very unhappy. The child is only 4 years old, her husband suffering from uremia, loss of ability to work, and the need to take drugs every day, her mother needs long-term treatment of cancer, she is the only strong labor force. In May this year, at home almost run out, Zhang Qin took home to find jewelry together about forty-eight thousand yuan, she is going to pawn exchange some money. Unexpectedly, it pours, on the way to the pawn, her jewelry was stolen. "It felt like the sky was falling," Zhang Qin suddenly fainted. After the alarm, the thief caught soon, but the jewelry has been sold, the money was squandered. Zhang Qin on the occasion of the helpless, Changshou City procuratorate to help her. Changshou City people’s Procuratorate kongshen the police contacted Zhang Qin, and told her that she can apply for national judicial assistance. What was stolen, "I really think that does not go up, feeling abandoned by the whole world, you call me hope, who still remember our family, came to the Changshou City people’s Procuratorate submitted judicial relief for police officers kongshen Zhang Qin begins to confide. In 2011, the Changshou City procuratorate established criminal victim assistance system, since this work is carried out, the hospital has 98 passengers 407 thousand yuan relief of victims, rescue people received the letter of thanks, a banner of more than 50 times. Prior to this, get the object of judicial relief is subject to criminal victims of personal injury, "National People’s Procuratorate judicial relief work rules (Trial)" the implementation of the criminal case, the victim againstproperty will meet certain conditions also joined by rescue object, scope of "warm justice" has been further widened, and Zhang Qin not only is the school’s first, is the first case of Suzhou gets the usurpation of criminal cases of national judicial assistance. Extended video: has nothing to do with the original Guangdong prison beat Meizhou two hospital patients were removed from the thief Zhuantou saving money"!相关的主题文章: