Hengshan 2.9 earthquake, a coal mine roof collapse caused 2 deaths and the temple town in Hengshan, 5 people were slightly injured in a coal mine collapse accident occurred, 2 people were killed and 5 people injured. Western network (Shaanxi radio and television news reporter Zhao Lei) yesterday (September 17th) at 8:32 in the evening, China seismic network officially measured: located in the Hengshan County of Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, north latitude 38 degrees, 109.51 degrees east longitude, 2.9 earthquake occurred, focal depth of 0 km. So what triggered the earthquake last night, the reporter contacted the local government confirmed that this is a coal mine roof collapse caused by accidents. The accident occurred in the coal mine is located in the town of Hengshan county temple town dam beach coal mine. The accident site is located in the underground 1307 working face, when there are 91 people down the well, there are 1307 working face of the people, in the construction process due to roof collapse, resulting in 7 people were injured. After the accident, Hengshan County Coal Bureau, temple town, the coal mine rescue teams and other units to immediately carry out emergency rescue, at 9:40 in the evening, 91 people underground or all the wells, treatment of 2 injured personnel, 5 officers were slightly injured were sent to the Hengshan County Red Cross Hospital, Baixin hospital. 2 heavy casualties after the death of the rescue, the other 5 injured temporarily stable vital signs, which is further treatment. After verification, this is a private coal mine, the legal representative of Lei Ziqing; and the beach is also the dam coal technological transformation, has not passed the acceptance, the 2 victims were male, 48 year old Tang Lin, Jin town in Hubei province; a 50 year old male, you Qing, Hunan Province, the town of Lu Feng people. Currently, the aftermath is being negotiated to resolve them. After the accident, Hengshan county Party committee and government leaders to make instructions to rescue the injured. At the same time, the relevant units of the main leaders and leaders in charge of the organization responsible for the county government held a special meeting, is to rescue the injured and safe production of coal mine in the county comprehensive investigation work carried out the arrangements, the other 5 injured temporarily stable vital signs are further cure.相关的主题文章: